Lets start making noise on Crypto Twitter. We must be heard

Lets start making noise on Crypto Twitter.
Im going all around Twitter seeing bad comments about the Luna Fork.

But I dont get why it looks like Crypto Twitter Main people leading the crypto world, are not seeing or knowing whats happening in here. Most of them are just watching the poll running and think people are ok with the fork while we’re getting f*cked up a bunch of validators doing their interests against the stakers, and we cant do absolutely nothing.

Community what? decentralization what? This is a cospiracy running and we need to ally up. NOW.

Start looking for huge Crypto Twitter accounts like CZ, or people with 100-200-300k followers at least, and spam in the comments to:
→ Ask about polling if people were for the Fork or for a Burn System.
→ Also ask to look deeply whats happening here on the Forum against the community by do know and terralabs.

Its a shame everything is passing like nothing is happening.

Lets start make the #DoKwonMonarchy hashtag go trending.
We need to make noise so that everyone will see whats happening here now.

Im sorry about all the Twitter posts we’re gonna ruin. (I dont think we can do much worse than usually bots do)
Im sorry about the all the dms we’re gonna send to people.

But we need to get an huge narrative going on about whats going on here, before the next 24hours.

Everyone’s effort is needed to take place. NOW


Burn luna