Lets talk about exchange support for that new chain

The most important for any coin is access to liquidity, do we have any feedback about exchanges support for that new chain? Binance? will CZ support that fork knowing how was managed the crash of the initial chain? I’m a bit scared about that… worst is I don’t see anyone talking about it.

New chain/coin mean new listing or am I wrong? I’m pretty sure I’m right because i witnessed many forks and not all were listed in the past…


2.0 will not help those who hold it on the exchange now, it will only help whales and early holders, and those who hold on the exchange will return to zero

The exchange will not recognize 2.0 because it will affect his interests and may not even be on the new chain. CZ said that it does not support fork, which is contrary to the attitude of the founder of the world’s first exchange. This project will not be successful. Please cooperate with CZ’s approach and give holders a better compensation plan.

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