Lido Finance refuses to support Terra's new blockchain

Lido Finance refuses to support Terra’s new blockchain


I hope they keep with Terra original chain, will miss them there otherwise (though may use on other chains). Right now I have a grip ton of LIDO’s stLUNA as well as LIDO staked wrapped eth and sol, in LPs too, on Terra chain still (putting rekt assets to work, LIDO been invaluable). Hope having stLUNA giving them a voting edge in Terra governance. Much thanks LIDO been a user for months.


Congratulations, wise ones still exist in this corrupt business

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None of exchanges should accept the new coin. This is the most obvious way to con people and exchanges are smarter than this.

And you wonder why governments want to bring more governance.

This is 100% centralize and awful

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So I’m finding ways my on chain assets turn into auto staking derivatives that use a variety of validators behind them each, eith some cross over validators used bybvarious priticils - stLUNA, bLUNA (both through LIDO protocol), yLUNA (Prism Protocol), LUNAx (Stader Labs), STEAK (larry’s validator auto compounding token, a guy who is dev for delphi digital and various terra blockchain spaces runs his own node community driven. Cannot mint the assets from LUNA in any these protocols since staking system wide disabled. Can swap to them, fo returns and or for the validators behibd the derivatives, because that increases validator power still, I think :wink: Staking returns in number luna thus gov votes, insane eight now due ton una dilution The auto compounding derivative returns are intense. People promiting burning take note instead of burn 5% of yer money get a Terra wallet join a self compounding liquidity pool and gain value each day. Not financial advice except yes it is, I advise use money possibly towards something rather than burning it.