Listing Price and Market Cap - Luna V2

Listing Price, initial market cap and liquidity of Luna v2 - anyone thought of asking that?

Also will Luna V2 to be continue with existing CEX?

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Cex will not support v2 atm…


Yeah, big cexes will not support. If they do and enable margin trading it will be the second biggest shorting opportunity since 2008. Michael Burry will love that…

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Probably lower than LUNC…

Nobody wants it except Do Kwon. And he is broke…

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Do needs to send interpol after luna main developer/coder. There’s definitely a secret wallet/s stacking up all this usdt from luna/ust exchange sales

price is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000x

In the case that people don’t trust TERRA, I think the minimum value should be close to 0.09 or so based on the remaining BTC, BNB, AVAX.
Assuming that the average cost of a large number of holders is 0.00005, the market value of the new LUNA cannot be less than $3, otherwise it will lose money.

Price is 1000u :rofl:

i have been asking but no one has answered me. What is the price of Luna2 Tokens that we are being given? what is it worth? It is useless giving us all these as compensation if Luna2 is worth $0.0000000000001 as well

I have a quick question. We know what the luna token was used for now. it was a failure. But after the fork, what would the luna token be used for concretely? What would be its role in the system ???