Loans for affected users, to buy Luna at current prices

Use reserves for Loans for investing in Luna for users who lost too much. In that way they can do DCA and create profit as the price of Luna recovers, just as everyone elses who is buying back

We need to find ways to support the members that lost most or all of their savings, without creating more pain now to the investors that was brave enough to risk on the superminted Luna.

This economic decisions to support members in needs needs to be taken sinergically with everyone in the ecosystem, thats the only way to recover growths, having the same goal and focusing in value growth of Luna, to improve the economy of everyone.


Many people who had enough funds has been buying more Luna when got under 50$, then one digit, then more when got 0,x or 0,0x or 0,00x or 0,000x, etc… having the chance to catch near enough of the bottom, improve their entrance price and with this chance of recovery or wins in the future.

But the people who had too much of their savings already in Luna, or put too much in the first part of the drop, was the ones that had not this chances and the more affected in the current situation.

Then, one thing that the community could do for them is giving them also the chance to buy also Luna at current 0.000x prices… This could be done by a loan, that only would has to be returned when Luna does x10 (for example from the buying price). For example. Community lend them 1000 usd, when this luna gets a 10000 usd value, they return the 1000, and keep the luna in 9000 value to continue growing and recovering their savings

Different snapshots of the last days can be useful to get the data of this holders that then could apply for the loans in case by case bases. A new chain for the old holders could be also the tech tool for making it happen, even doing by smart contract the loan execution.But not as a fork, just as a complementary chain to support the people affected.

To add. That way as soon as the user can get a x10, the funding is returned and the community can decide a next use for it, like buy more coins to burn, or others that are decided