Lock up USTC, aUST and offer exchanges to collateralise USTC on a new coin

My proposal is to gather funds into a new structured coin with an end date based on a formula, time or profit for the profitable pay-out.

By now everyone knows the risks of an algo stable coin, lets move along to saving USTC on the LUNC protocol and leave LUNA to be less risk averse.
At the current price of USTC there is an opportunity for profit for adventurous types, lets attract them to bid on the USTC price.
If we can find new backing for this LUNC by raising funds on a new coin in the Terra system we can.

Lets presume the top 10 wallets own 60% of USTC and are on exchanges or large retail. Exchanges can keep that level of exposure as no new exchanges will be added. (assume a level of income from trading).
They can make a leveraged loan on those assets to buy back USTC at a cheap price and lock into a contract, a new coin.
Retail can lock in Anchor and swap into the same new coin.
This could take 80% off the market and collateralize the 20% one to one.
We could use the new stable coin proposal to bring such parties in.
Exchanges will have a regular trading flow and can leverage from that.
Also the new coin will be available to retail.
To cover the pain of a mass exodus of USTC we introduce randomized lock in period, dropping a few coins at time into wallets.

Thanks for reading, any additions to this line of thought.