Lockdrop-esqe Distribution to Users based on LUNAtic Score

Divvying out proportions to specific Terra holders is not going to work. Almost every group has a valid perspective. I propose we take care of the chains infrastructure and then divide the rest proportional based on Flipside’s LUNAtic score

  • 20% to Ecosystem developers (dApps, service providers, infrastructure providers, dApps currently in audit or audited, etc)
  • 10% to Community Fund
  • 70% to wallets w/ boosts proportional to Flipside’s LUNAtic score. This would be similar to how lockdrop calculates distributions.
    • Modifications:
      • Only take scores from 5-30, that should eliminate most low activity wallets
      • Any validated CEX or cross chain wallet holding either asset prior to initial halt gets a 5

The Flipside calculations are based on 3 levels of 5 categories over the last 90 days:

  • Activity
  • Governance
  • Degeneracy
  • Cash Out/HODL
  • Airdrops

A distribution between 204,010 wallets, round to 300k for CEX and cross chain though likely not that high, where every wallet gets: LUNAtic score / total “tickets”, as a % of the 700M. Tickets are 1 per score, so a score of 5 for a wallet adds 5 tickets to the total.