Lotto system burning proposal

Hello. I wrote and translated me proposal from other language so there may be mistakes
I have a burning proposal to build a lotto system with 30% of the total winnings as a burning fee
In terms of fairness, this system does not open any numbers, but operates on the lotto systems of different countries, and the lottery draws of one country are fixed every day.
E.g :
monday usa
tuesday canada
Wednesday XXX
Thursday XXX
Friday XXX
Saturday XXX
Sunday XXX

And end the betting two hours before the draw

Maybe every 100 LUNC = 1 ticket, and the bonus will be distributed in equal proportions according to the rules of the lottery 30% burn fee.
If no one wins the jackpot, it will be accumulated to the next period


This is a great system. But I would recommend writing a dApp for it and deploy it on TerraClassic blockchain. The blockchain offers the means to write Apps like the one you proposed. So: Do it!