Luna 1.0 and Luna 2.0 where all holders are happy

We are a clear a burn will not help because the supply is way too big and the owners dont want to do that.

The following would be good for all Luna holders:

Price went down a lot when minting started to go crazy

Create terra 1.0 and terra 2.0

Terra 1.0 people currently trading will keep their tokens

Terra 2.0 people that purchases at a minimum of 0.10 cents be airdropped terra 2.0 so the price is consistent to what they invested.

This will make the current holders with millions of tokens happy because they can keep trading the current token

The holders that purchased at a decent price minimum of 0.10 will be able to trade the new luna 2.0 via airdrop with a smaller supply where the prices can get to old ATH


Hey dear
How i get my airdrop.
Had luna before the halted scenario.