Luna classic gone from wallet

How come I am not eligible? I don’t understand. I was holding these coins in Crypto Exchange and then transferred it to Terra Wallet on 15 and 16th May


I stand corrected, thank you.

I was referring to Terra Station web wallet, not the browser extension.

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Hey, sorry to bother. I’m not able to see any Luna on Mainnet as well, only classic. terra1lm3kcgtsph93249mkheu0hhdz0f4g8mzj24ffx

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insufficient fees; got: “15866uluna”, required: “20096uaud,20096ucad,14808uchf,103653ucny,95192udkk,13221ueur,11635ugbp,123749uhkd,230574240uidr,1150756uinr,1731423ujpy,17956234ukrw,599176uluna,45329098umnt,63461umyr,132210unok,803837uphp,11100usdr,132210usek,21154usgd,488649uthb,423072utwd,15866uusd” = “20096uaud,20096ucad,14808uchf,103653ucny,95192udkk,13221ueur,11635ugbp,123749uhkd,230574240uidr,1150756uinr,1731423ujpy,17956234ukrw,599176uluna,45329098umnt,63461umyr,132210unok,803837uphp,11100usdr,132210usek,21154usgd,488649uthb,423072utwd,15866uusd”(gas) +""(stability): insufficient fee


Please help…I have the same problem or more bad, i lost my lunas 778.000 lunc i change the network and nothing i haved 778.000 lunc and 725 ust right? Terra did the airdrop and my coins desapear, they give me 8.7 lunas 2.0.
I write on terra twiter where is my lunas classic? They told me you must validate your account follow this link…

And other similars to validate the account and give you back your lunas, the links are dangerous google told me be carefoul this site its danger stolen passwords bla bla…

I think this people dont be staff from terra and they try stolen me.

Ok 3 days after trying everythings mi 8.7 lunas 2.0 desapear… hahaha i write again and again and told me the same its a fail you need validate… and we give you back everything

Today the last guy that i was talking toldme send me your QR export wallet … i dont doit… and every day they toldme validate connect connect metamask or similar trust wallet … for fixed that problem and give me back my lunas classic…

Thats its ridiculous what can i do? Im.not a expert and y dont know what can i do more??

Please help, thanks so much

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Hey, yes, those accounts on twitter were all scammers. Good thing you didn’t click anything.

All you have to do is switch networks on Terra Station to Classic to see the old coins :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer me, but i do the change of network and nothing i have not my coins, and still waiting i dont know how contact with real staff of terra, im desesperate. Thanks

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What is your public wallet address?

Somebody send me a sms told me that contac with oficial service chat … from this foro its this a tief too??

This is the adress terra18a82g06l4lga6gprfgwfr05ct8pvqt8mc6pxsy

And let me tell you that im stupid right now somebody stolen me 75.000 luna classic becouse when i tryed recover my 778.000 lunas this people that told me from twiter y push 1 link and i put secret phrase … and the stolen me 8.7 lunas 2.0 and now 75.000 clasic lunas but the day of the airdrop my lunas 778.000 lunas desapear and the wallet was new and i never spoked with no body in twiter from 2 3 days after the airdrop… i means no body stolen my lunas before airdrop… and now how i can change the wallet to get my vesting from 2.0 next 2 years? Its 20 lunas 2.0 in 2 years… so sorry for this thankyou

Hey I will get back to you shortly, but that person is a scammer too. Do not talk to anyone in private message!

Ok thank you so much… scammers here too?? Oh my god this is amazing!! Ok i will be here thanks again

Hi Jose, I’m awake now jeje. I have banned the scammer from the forum, thank you very much for sharing his message.

All right, so you have been scammed, and your wallet is compromised. It is not possible to move your vested tokens to another wallet while they are vested, unfortunately. But when it is closer to the unlock time, there are a couple of moderators who can use scripts to stop the scammers from withdrawing anything from the wallet, and then move it to a new wallet you have created.

The unlock doesn’t start for 6 months, so for now all you really need to do is make a new wallet if you intend to trade Luna at all - do not use the old one again.

Hello thank you very much, the olny thing that im trying is that the day of airdrop i never spoked with nobody about my wallet and this day my wallet dont be compromised, but terra i though was terra… give me 9 lunas 2.0 but the others 778.000 was transfered who do that if nobody had my passwords and on this moment y never tolked with nobody in twiter and nothing? For this problem im started talking with stolens in twiter, im started spoke in the chat at the moment i saw that my lunes dont be there thats why i though was terra the people that transfers my coins look the transfer at 28 of may the same day that i get the new coins compensation

hi did you manage to solve this error???

Pues la verdad es que no.

Hello, I downloaded the wallet for windows, restored it. Everything went fine with no error, it’s a chrome extension issue