LUNA COIN-M Perpetual contracts


I was trading LUNA with the COIN-M Perpetual contracts for few months and I refused to sell it in hope if it will goes above 120$ but unfortunately look what happened.

Also I closed all my positions on the 11’th of May.

So, my question is what will happen to traders like me?

Plz help!


hey mate, i highly doubt futures will be taken into account.

Please at least tell the team to keep in mind who bought during 8 to 12 may, I feel like we are being left out.

Price was still high and supply was at 450M to 5B max.

So maybe tell the team to keep in that mind.

I know you won’t ask me to buy now but people gonna ask me to, when I have 0$ RIGHT NOW!

Maybe just keep those people in mind while distributing, people who bought at 40$ and only managed to hold few Lunas will literally get nothing if they divide out of 6.5Trillion tokens!

But, traders on the LUNA/USDT pair loaded their bags with USDT in short positions so I don’t see what is the difference?

difference is - they made the right bet, while you didn’t. futures trading is literally betting on price going in a certain direction, you made a choice and you were not lucky. it is not clear to me why you are expecting to be compensated for that to be honest.

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people who have luna/ust on 27-05-2022 will get an airdrop, so you qualify.
don’t think there will special conditions for people who bought at not beneficial moment. i bought a bunch of luna myself when it dropped to $20.

I know I qualify but out of 6.5T trillion it means nothing!

And his first proposal seems to cover us, then he went with the second and final proposal.

And I don’t think it’s a special treatment since he was tweeting how there were recovery plans and told to stay strong.

His first proposal was not covering people who bought after the last halt and suddenly it changed, it feels like they actually got special Treatement.

So if that can be changed, it can be change as well

No sir I opened a short position with leverage like others and I loaded my bag with LUNA tokens (worthless) so I was wondering if I will get some new LUNA with the airdrop.
This is my question!

well, yes, but i am not involved in making those decisions, the team is taking as much as possible into consideration while making those decisions also.

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yes, check the current proposal, if it passes, there will be a second snapshot of luna/ust holders on 27-05-2022. Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [UPDATED AND FINAL]

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I know and thanks for understanding. I just told you because I wanted to be heard and if somehow anyone can just propose my view to the team it would be very helpful.

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