Luna original

What are peoples thoughts on the price recovery of Luna original after the fork?

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Grabs popcorn and waits for @Tiago_Bimmer :grin:


Nothing since v2 will be the focus😂

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I hope it says 0,0000500 forever

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How funny it will be when luna2 cant go higher than 10 dollars lololololol and you here expecting to go to 100

10 dollars? Most likely it won’t even reach 1 dollar
Our thousands wasted to get “refunded” with pennies to go buy candies and lollipops, while that bastard keeps jerking off on his p0nzi projects

much of the value luna and ust hold right now might be due to their part in the luna2 airdrop.

once final snapshot is takes we might see a big down in price for them at least on the short term.
then we will see at what value the market still puts them.