Luna V2 is in Danger:The wrong rate of liquidity

As the Luna V2 proposal:We are locked down for two years.Only 20% released at the launch time.
So there are two very important points about this.

30% reserved,70% to holders.
and the rate of released is only 30% of 70%.
How much liquidity at that time?.Let’s do a simple mathwork.

The rate is 30% of 70%,the answer is only 21% of the total.
As these wallstreet guys,called traders,they usually use 30% of Circulating Stock to control the whole market,so let us do math again.
30% of 21%=6.3%
That means they can only use 6.3% to overide the whole Luna V2.Which means only 63000000 Luna V2.I don’t know how much it worth,but I know it’s not a good number.

Remember what happened a few days ago?The attack began when lack of liquidity.
Now,the lack of liquidity is born by Luna V2,is it right?I don’t know.

We are not Angel Investor of Luna.The validators are.
So why we are locked down as them?In normal Stock market,I never heard any rules of this.
It is not fair.We just want our money back.

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Totally agree this is an unusual situation.

The only reason this is happening is for the developers. Now, I hate the situation and DK, but I will play the devil’s advocate and look at it from DK and the devs’ point of view.

What the developers need (and want) is immediate funds to develop their protocols. That Terra’s protocols had good UI/UX meant that they had the most money, and that was probably due to the immense success of the Luna coin (so downplaying Luna by any party is disingenuous in my opinion). However, the builders’ funds dried up to zero when Luna’s value dropped to zero. Also, while I never liked DK’s attitude and now totally hate him because of the immense loss he inflicted on me, that a lot of developers still follow him and support Luna v2 says that he was and is quite a generous and charismatic leader for the devs at least.

Without the Terra developers, Luna v2 has no chance of success, so DK had no choice but to lock up the investors’ funds while unlocking developers’ funds and increasing it from 5% to 10% in his second proposal. So therefore, this situation has no chance of changing in my opinion.

If you really believe Luna v2 can succeed, it is not a good bet but an inevitable one. Without developers there is no success of Luna or any ecosystem. If you’re just a UST person using Terra as a bank or if you are so fed up with this fiasco that you want to sell your bag and exit Luna like me, it is absolutely horrible for you I fully agree.

Before I became an individual investor,I am a business man in past ten years.
I experienced much decending time in these years——that is normal for a business man.
The market tells me when crisis happened,what should I do.
If things can be fixed,fix it first,because most of the time,it’s not a bad situation,just problems.
Like now,they throw the old chain away,it’s not a wise choice.
Because I had experienced many times,I know,start another one,would be another big problem.

Small steps,small changes,small tests,again and again,at last,it will be a big revolution.
That is the only right way.