Fork or no fork.

The fork in my opinion is not a great idea. Seeing how the governance system works. I don’t think it represents the community very well at all. But here we are.

There was a plan in place for the fork to pass the vote before the vote even started, which isn’t fair their should have been a plan on the idea it wasn’t successful, there was no back up plan at all. The proposal was edited. Which is like voting for a political party and after half the votes are in they change their policies. Not really how it should work.

Here we still are.

My proposal is simple.

The Terra project / the Luna / UST we have now, the community, we become and off shoot of binance.

Called. Lunance.

A structured tax burning system in place.
Slowly fixing the current situation to increase the value of Luna and UST.

Creating a much more inclusive voting system.

Having better communication and delivery of information, better education on the project and wider exposure. For all the right reasons.

Be supported by Binance, but be much more self controlling. Limits on voting to make it fairer and not letting any one person have too much control.

Me and CZ have not always seen eye to eye.
I lost a substantial amount due to their windows app malfunctioning and after 6 months of back and forth with customer care, screen shots of errors and showing coding bugs. Their final decision was a discount of a vip membership. Not what I was hoping for.

So I’m not the biggest binance fan, nor am I blind to their failings. However. Where terra is now. It needs someone like him and his company to drive this. To do the right thing and lift this up. Even with my bad experience I know this is the better thing than where this is heading.

Deep down there needs a radical change.