LUNC Blockchain Simplified Organizational Structure

Purpose: Provide organizational structure for the LUNC blockchain while retaining its decentralized autonomous structure and creating centralized management.

Problem: There is a lack of organization within the LUNC blockchain leading to unclear roles and responsibilities harming development, severely impacting community morale and alienating external investors.

Hire a reputable Law Firm, knowledgeable in international and blockchain law. All submissions welcomed. (By community vote)
Create a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), within a reputable & recognized locale. Affording low-cost creation; and iron clad legal protections and counsel. Ideally, some place like (Delaware in the US and/or similar location providing anonymity of managers and very well-established case law favoring businesses.) (By community vote)
a. LLC operates in accordance with the bylaws, created by governance vote and crafted by the law firm, using standard legalese; by laws are subject to LUNC blockchain governance thus the community retains ownership of the LLC. For example, a by law can state, all managers are workers and do not retain nor possess any ownership of the LUNC blockchain whatsoever and may be removed or censored by community vote.
Hire Project Managers, (By community vote.)
Manager responsibilities. (Can increase or decrease by community vote.)
a. Roles of managers are narrowly defined.
b. Managers are workers. They do not have charge or ownership over LUNC blockchain, development teams, or anybody contractually building, developing or furthering the LUNC blockchain and this becomes legally bound in writing, as bylaws.
c. Managers have charge over their work alone. For example, if any developer, marketer on any position, hired or volunteer, performing community work on the blockchain, is not performing as contractually agreed upon, the manager immediately places this in writing and reports to the community via a dedicated discord, telegram, website and twitter space for the community to act.
d. Role is to manage community contracted work or volunteers working on the blockchain.
e. Managers hold no keys.
f. Managers will be doxed.
g. Compensation. Project managers should understand and accept commiserate industry payment with a clear understanding LUNC is a bankrupt startup and compensation will be in line. Incentives and vesting are options. (Community votes on payment)
h. Ensure work milestones are on task and within budget.
i. Managers have no authority over any team or project.
j. Managers, project manage and report to the community biweekly (or as voted on) or as need arises.

• Attorney not placed on a retainer but paid for work done. (Contractors)
• LLC startup costs is less than $1,000
• Salary for a manager is contractual commensurate with industry and understanding LUNC is virtually a bankrupt startup.

• LUNC Blockchain retains a decentralized autonomous core and gains needed management.
• Developers and all blockchain builders retain autonomy but are held accountable.
• Instills confidence in investors, regulators of proper oversight and management.
• Helps protect community funds from fraudulent work done or lack thereof.
• The LUNC blockchain governance and the people retain all the power and ownership of the blockchain.
• Low cost to start and run.
• Legal liability protection for the blockchain.
LUNC is currently built on diversity. The strength of the LUNC blockchain is currently it’s community. Creativity flows when teams can freely create and develop the blockchain with a measure of accountability and professionalism. This is the first true decentralized blockchain and a model for the World.

Authored by:
LUX Blockchain Validators


I would really like to discuss this, it has potential:

  1. How should the selection of managers look like?

a.) survey
b.) wallet voting
c.) voting using a profile + wallet, e.g. google, facebook - that’s what I suggest
it is necessary to out of force validator voting, duplicating wallets etc.

  1. What responsibility will managers have?

a.) material
b.) commission
c.) legal consequences

  1. How do you want to determine the qualifications of managers?

a.) by professional head hanter?
b.) CV?
c.) confirmed studies - achievements in the industry?

The managers will be doxxed?

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Having a dapps where people upload their projects and the community votes on them, approves them or finances them by paying with lunc. This dapps interacts with the terra voting system and the community pool. In addition to offering the option to receive external incentives.

I just let my imagination run wild :rofl:

with the interchain name services.

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I really appreciate the work on this and a structure for the entire Terra Luna Classic community is needed to be made.

I am working on a similar plan as well. That’s also coming up in the next few days. Will share it here and also contact you directly to discuss the same once I have the plan finalized.

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This certainly adds an additional layer of certainty, transparency, accountability, oversight, structure… to the blockchain
A YES vote from me