Lunc Research & Development team

A Official Lunc Reseach and Development team of around 5 people or so, that goes out and talks to Dapp builders and researches them in detail to hopefully bring back to the community and share the relevant info ( Current Value, Correct security certs etc ), and if the Dapp builder comes and builds on chain the R&D team gets a small finders fee paid from the community pool something say $100 worth of lunc or something each with a Quarterly cap of $1000 per person this way we have a team actively bringing builders who are of great use to the project and have been researched and found to be of value and good reputation.

This would bring Builders of good reputation and value to the chain thus creating higher utility.

Bring a Official Research and Development team onboard to go out and find builders of value and good reputation to bring onto the Lunc chain and provide high quality utility, the team could be up to say 5 people in size and have a $100 finders fee for each builder that agrees and builds on our chain with a quarterly cap of $1000 per person.

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Community needs to start a discussion which dapps from Luna2 ecosystem are needed most and pick up 3 of them. Approach them and offer a small grant if those dapps can be running soon after parity.

TGF 2.0? :grinning: