LUNC & USTC Rebuild Road Map Proposal

Game over my ass. Bitcoin was trading at 3-4k in 2019.

Just go away and get busy with other stuff. You’re just pushing a quick rich scheme here to enrich yourself by buying some crap coins.

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Please man, present yourself a minimum!
Have you ever worked in this field? What is your background? Etc.

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USDT (bitfinex /Tether) is in the middle of a legal lawsuit, it is obvious that they do not have what they say they have!

USDC is better (60% of real dollars) but BUSD is better again and fully audited…

Are u sure to want to be a leader? :thinking:

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In 2019 Billionaires and Large corporations like, Microstrategy, Square and Tesla to to name a few did not hold Billions of dollars worth. In 2019 no one paid up to $63,000 per coin to have it dropping to $10k for a loss of up to $53,000 per coin depending on when they bought.

How would the market react to Tesla taking a loss of nearly 2 Billion? Add to that microstratagy who holds more. Chinese firm Block One who owns 140k BTC.

What “scheme” am I pulling lol. The plan I have presented can return value to the people already “schemmed” by current ownership. If I were to pull a scheme, I would start a new coin from scratch and go that route lol.

If you really believe BTC will drop below $10k and you are actually still in the market, then you really need to get yourself out of the market entirely. Also what are you even doing here or trying to accomplish if you are not a crypto investor and you believe this doomsday prediction?

@flox.ust if BTC drops below $10k then yes it will wreck the markets not just the crypto markets. Crypto currency would loose all confidence from investors, so much so that it would take many years to make any kind of recovery. Not to mention the damage done to not only peoples life savings, but corporations who are suddenly posting losses of Billions from Bitcoin holdings. Billionaires becoming millionaires and millionaires being wiped out.

The big whales won’t allow that to happen, you will see were hitting a bottom soon if we have not hit it already. Before the end of 2023 or early 2024 I believe BTC will pass $100k.

I have been fairly accurate about my BTC price predictions for nearly a decade. You asked for a it about me, well I have managed companies, I have a background in tech and finance. I have been a Crypto enthusiast for like I said about a decade. No I have not launced or ran a blockchain related company, but I know how to team build, and surround myself with qualified competant people. I know numbers, tech and have an understanding of blockchain systems and crypto currency.

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I think the “terra team” is thinking more about v2 than saving luna classic. with ignoring the agony of the lunanitc community. I trust that your proposals are in good faith. Do you have any project experience? How to back up your words?


TL; DR everything but I will vote for you if you promise you won’t troll crypto twitter as the new face of Luna :crazy_face:

On a serious note, Terra Gold was a proposal I found to be pretty interesting. Also, I don’t know if any of them would respond but asking CZ, Vitalik or even Elon for support because we are the epic Luna crash survivors might be doable, because it doesn’t cost them anything. Maybe a hashtag like #supportforlunaclassic or something like that.

Also, about the transactions tax, I remember reading safemoon having a similar mechanic, so perhaps CZ can give us a picture of what the trading income will look like.

Last but not least, I keep reading Terra and Juno use the same (well, not same but similar) Cosmwasm so perhaps we can ask a few Juno NFT projects like Stargaze or Assetmantle to come inter-chain. They probably need a bigger audience too is my thought.

Thanks DSD. Great work.


What Stable Do Kwon is trying do is

He will try to get as much of ust to cover his lawsuits. So his proposal will make look ust gone after the fork.

The more he gets to wipe ust, the more he will like it.

Something I don’t get is what happened / is happening to Chai. This was supposed to generate constant revenues to back luna value. Any new plan to revive luna needs to consider what is giving luna intrinsic value.

Payments / bridge between crypto and fiat world was a good start, not sure what happened in the process


Something that is very difficult for non-Koreans to know, Chai didn’t take off as much as they thought it would. Google translate doesn’t do this much favour, but if you would like some information you can see it here: 차이(결제) - 나무위키 (
Only a handful of offline franchises accept Chai Pay. You can of course use the Chai debit/credit card, but the card was consistently losing money for Chai corporation.

Also, Chai is not run directly by DK or TFL. It is mostly run by DK’s partner in Korea. They recently officially said that the partnership was sort of ‘over’.

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I actually like this idea. A multi stablecoin ecosystem, all connected to LUNA (Classic). We can have a fiat, crypto (UST), and precious metals aka gold stable coin set.

I am going to add golden idea.

Also sorry for the long read lol.


I know Cryptocom is struggling with their own debit/credit cards. I don’t know much about chai, but will look at it more closley.

The issue with crypto payments is the fees when converting crypto to fiat. Even though you earn rewards you are still paying a premium on the initial conversion when loading your card. This is my experience with CRO cards.

I would need to take time and map it out and discuss with the right people. I believe it can be done, and using stablecoin(s) paired with LUNA (Classic), and working with the banks directly could work. They would need to be willing to do this which IS the main hurdle to achieve this goal. Another option is Square Payments. They want to get into the crypto payment game, but BTC & ETH transaction fees are inhibitive. Tron is also working on this I believe.

I would love to successfully crack this and be successful but that will have to happen only after the ecosystem is stabilized.

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To repeg UST we need to burn UST first to bring supply to 1 billion close to it’s marketcap or 1 billion
Then burn luna to get UST in return of burning luna

Sorry but you are a total NOOB.

You have completly no understanding of current market situation.

You wanna talk with banks ?You are aware the monetary system is moving away from banks to central banks and they definetly won’t talk to you.

About the other topics i better keep my mouth shut.
Anybody looking for such a “leader” in a decentralized project can already sell their tokens for ZERO

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I think you need to be more TRASPARENT. This gonna sound like a job interview, but, in my opinion, you should answer these questions before bidding for leadership.

  1. Who are you? Properly present yourself. Put a link to your Linkedin, webpage, and other social media.
  2. Why should you be the leader?
  3. What is your plan?/What are you doing? And no, a simple post will not cut it… We need documents, reports, simulations, and updates. Don’t be another Don Kwon. Keep an open and frequent communication. Show us what you are working on.

Lastly, I think you should be more humble. It is ok to not have all the answers. Just say “I don’t know”. But don’t dismiss other people’s concerns. 10k bitcoin in the current bear market is pretty much a possibility. Saying it won’t happen or if it does we are all doomed anyway sounds just like Don Kwon. We need a plan for the worst-case scenario.


My plan address both simultaneously while also starting to refund UST. That is step one.

The transaction “Tax” at 3 percent needs to be added before we do anything.

I’m not planning on talking to banks about financing at all. That conversation will be had with the companies already in the crypto space including CEX’s and large investors. The only conversation I would need to have with a bank is for fiat based accounts, assets and or future credit/debit card system.

taxation at 3% LOL what a completle noob and fool you are.ALL dapps on luna would instantly


I have been working on a full update including a bit about myself which I finally got to post. Hoping it does address some of your points.

I would never dismiss the possibility of BTC dropping to $10k or less at all. My point was it’s not very likley, as the BIG investors will do everything in their power to prevent that. I will still do everything in my power to brace for such an event. I’m building for long term.

My other point was that if it DOES happen, what damage it WILL do. Which is accurate. If BTC hits $10k or less, it will destroy the markets (crypto & Stock) was my point. So a stable coin backed by crypto vs USD would really be irrelevant at that point as even USD stablecoins would collapse due to a major panic run. This would also spill into the real world. The Lehman Brothers event would pale in comparison to this recession triggaring event

By calling it a doomsday prediction, I’m just labeling it what it is, not dismissing it.

If you look at my plan it does lay out a plan to hedge the crypto assets in market downturns to prevent severe declines.


Why is this so hard to understand?

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