Lunc wallet separate from luna

I am disappointing with new desktop terra wallet !Its made for Luna and Lunc have nothing in advantage of it !No Swap no Redelegation !I have to use Rebels station if i need to use any of !
Therefore i think its community priority to give order to our devs.specially the ones we payed like Zaradar&co to concentrate work to make our own wallet .Rebel wallet should be good basis !

Hi @VinS if you haven’t seen it, check this link for Jared from TFL he posted links to a legacy version of Station so you can keep using the old version I believe I also I heard issues with transactions due to incorrect gas fees was resolved with closing and re-opening the wallet so try that too. I haven’t used the new version as only on mobile.

I do not mind Jared!He is dev of Luna !I do not care over Luna !Not any Luna in my wallet !I am Lunc only Supporter !

Umm. Rebel Station by Terra Rebels has been out for months.
You are talking of Interchain Station by TFL. This was released this month, some week+ ago.

No its not true !i am talking over TR station !I am use it !Reason : Swap is still in function and redelegation too !