Main goals

1 It is necessary to urgently include the burning of tokens in accordance with the voting and accepted voting
2 to the Kwon should be removed from the control. 80000 bitcoins that he hid should be returned.
3, 2-3 months after the start of burning tokens, you can try to turn on the staking
The burning of tokens will solve the main problems. And after a few years, the capitalization of token Moon will come close to the capitalization of bitcoin.

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Let’s make a simple calculation of burning tokens at a rate of 0.5% per day:
7,000,000,000,000 tokens minus 0.5% burning daily = in a year there will be about 280,000,000,000 tokens

280,000,000,000 tokens minus 0.5% daily burn = about 11,200,000,000 tokens left in a year

11,200,000,000 tokens minus 0.5% daily burn = about 500,000,000 tokens left in a year

As you can see, in just 3 years, with the burning of 0.5% of the tokens, approximately 500,000,000 tokens will remain in circulation. As you understand, when burning 1% of tokens, the same result will be achieved much earlier.
So, after 3 years, there will be about 500,000,000 tokens in circulation - what price can they have? And the price will be much higher than $1.


Exchanges should support 3568 passed proposal (like fork).

Token burning is expected to start at the end of next week.

is there a source that it will be implemented this weekend

the problem is “who is going to lead LUNC ?”

the community ?? who’s gonna re-union validators, and develop ?
this chain is abandoned…there is no hope.

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I am one hundred percent sure that a house without a foundation will quickly collapse, but here the foundation is LUNC and the house is TERRA 2.0. If they do not strengthen their foundation, soon the weight of the house will collapse!

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G’day Scotty, I’m thinking the Terra Rebels aren’t working their butts off for this project to fail, the Terra Rebels are hero’s in my book. Win or lose they are having a red hot go for a lot of people who lost their life savings. Scotty you say there is no hope, why do you say this, Do Con left all these people with NO HOPE, NO FUTURE and NO MONEY the Terra Hero’s are trying to right this wrong.

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