Make reward for post-attack UST raletive to pre-attack UST; UST price fix

Reward for 1 post-attack UST should be relative to 1$ (1 pre-attack UST)

UST holders from pre-attack are sitting on extremely overpriced bags comapred to post-attack buyers from the point of future airdrop. Using relative value for pre / post attack UST will fair to pre-attack holders and provide pressure to bring UST price closer to peg.

When allocating airdrop for UST holders, post-attack UST should have relative value to 1$.
E.g. if the price of UST on launch is 0.25, then airdrop for 1 post-attack UST should be 25% of what is allocated to pre-attack holders for 1 UST.
= This is not about total % allocation for pre/post UST groups but about relative value of 1 UST in each group.

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