Marketing Luna as the new best Shiba Doge Safemoon Samo apecoin killer meme coin

I propose a new marketing campaign narrative to sell luna and ust rebrand it in order to be the next doge shiba inu , Samo , Apecoin killer as the best meme coin here in coinbase.

i know it is not the original idea , but is the less costly and the best to restore thrust in the best idea , how TFL and Vc can me more money with more idea in terra.

And we have lot room to grow with doge fans like Elon

Elon can help with few tweets

And let do a Party like we did in the past but with a new narrative and pitch sales for the product

We do the same but we change the sale pitch

With the money from the dao we can pay the victims and family

Ask the insurrance funds to compensate a bit

Disclaimer i lost a shit ton of cash more 500K$ in this shit in spot , but i make shit ton of cash shorting luna in perp about $ before binance and validator shutdown.

Tbh i did is not make profit but i mitigate my fucking lost a lot

We just adapt and improvise in new market conditions


This is the best idea I have seen. The one shit coin to repair them all.

Sir this is the Wendy’s dumpster in casino vegas mode.