Meaning of "Whale cap $500k"? if you had $501k you get nothing?


What exactly does it mean by “aUST whale cap of $500k”? so if someone held, $500,100 of aUST they will get 0 airdrop? or any balance above $500k will be deemed as $500k.


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No, the ‘cap’ in crypto until now has always meant that anything over 500K doesn’t get additional airdrops. So 500K = 30M, but 10K << 500K.

It is quite well explained here: Further Information on The Spark Token Distribution (
If you would like to see some examples, you can also google Juno whale cap Cosmos // Osmo whale cap cosmos. Osmo should be better because Juno has too many posts about the CCN debacle.

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what the f**k, who own more than $500k aUST, get nothing and lost everything?

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Yeah thats why I’m asking in their most recent Medium post, it says people who have “Less than $500k aUST” is only eligible.

Thanks but i think you are wrong in this case. See their latest Medium Post:

## At the Pre-Attack snapshot, hold:

** LUNA (including staking derivatives)*
** Less than 500k aUST (UST deposited in Anchor)*

If true, this makes easier for UST whales to make legal action against them.

no, it’s a cap, meaning the first 500k only get’s a portion the v2. min(balance, 500k)

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correct, it is a cap

It states that is aUST. When i was staking Ust on anchor i got aUST in my wallet Which had a higher price. So about 650k ust became 500k aUST. So the cap is about 650k ust staked or what?

Thanks I was curious about this too after reading for way too long on Twitter. I bet it’s hard for them to make everything clear but I’m still confused haha.

My guess would be they would drip the whales $500,000 over the 2 years rather than the %30 airdrop tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what happens it’s only a few hours away!

I’m brand new to crypto but couldn’t resist buying LUNA at the low price because I believe in it’s future. Good luck everyone and whales need to celebrate too!

Much love
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