Mint LUNC to level the playing field

The old guard holders of Luna who have their Luna staked on chain are currently seeing millions of % return APY because such a small percentage of pre crash luna is staked compared to all the luna we cannot stake. Terra (LUNA) Blockchain Explorer by Staking Fund
Should Lunac recover they will enjoy the rewards together with those who invest now because they are getting their luna “airdropped” right about now. The only ones missing out should recovery happen is those who pulled out early unwilling to hold playing a big role in crashing old luna with their actions.

How does no sound ffs so if it comes up ill put NO!

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Sounds like joke. Printing 2.0. )

No. Thanks.

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Some men just want to watch the world burn. Or in your case it’s the opposite of a burn.

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Its an open market, you bought something worthless for way too much, the field got levelled a month ago.
I lost nothing in the “attack” and have made coffee money a few times trading the scraps back and forth. The airdrop netted me $12 after decided to finally hand it out.
Why should anyone be expected to lose a single penny to cover someone elses losses?


Minting more coins for pre-attack LUNC holders does nothing to incentivize post-attack/post-mint holders to spend their LUNC. Further minting more might dilute new LUNC holders power (who took advantage of the attempt at stabilizing LUNC/USTC). Yet new LUNC holders might eventually just acquire any new LUNC being minted. Minting more LUNC for pre-attack holders is well intentioned, but doing so will trigger further loss of faith in LUNC. With the new tax mechanism in effect on Terra Classic, the next issue is that LUNC still can’t be moved/spent for burn mechanism to take place. The re-implementation of IBC on Terra Classic should help movement of LUNC and USTC again. But validators and developers still need time to implement the changes to Terra Classic and on top of that, LFC still has too much influence on future of both Terra Classic and Terra 2.0.


new LUNCs do not enter the market, but will be distributed free of charge to users in the picture before the attack

We only support LUNC and USTC, and reject those coins that are airdropped to us but are meaningless.

Is this proposal that we don’t have enough inflation?

The utility is almost ready, to analyze blocks and print LUNC, old users will receive free new tokens in proportion to new owners. 2.8T of printed tokens will not go to exchanges. 3-5 days and our full proposal will be put to the vote and we will start negotiations with TFL

Minting all this juncture will dilute all efforts to decrease the supply. Might be better to put through a latter date. For now, I will put a strict no as well.

This guy is illusional…let him be

This guy is out of touch with reality.

This kind of response in a community is very illuminating.

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We need to build a new, more stable reality!

Well you will be posting a deposit of 345,000 which will be burned from all the no with veto votes you will receive. So I suppose a thank you for your contribution is in order.

You mint more and people will just sell LUNC and then it will never even hit a penny. You have to burn the supply down for the price to rise.

The disparity between old LUNC holders and new LUNC holders, if actually true, comes with the territory of investing in Crypto. Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. I’d like to get rid of short selling in Crypto, but hell is going to freeze over first.

It is pretty cheap right now for people to go buy more LUNC if they want it.

LUNС Doesn’t have to cost a penny, its purpose is to support stablecoins, what difference does it make to burn 1 LUNC for 1 Ust or 50000 LUNC? The goal is to create a stable currency of the future.

Trust. Trust is the difference. Infinite minting=infinite devalue=no trust=no investors.