Monthly buyback of USTC

Monthly Buyback of USTC

That is just some idea to make LUNA and UST holders whole

Basically a group of people would pledge to buy e. g. 200 million USTC per month until all USTC are bought up. The current supply is about 10 billion -1,8 billion in the LFG reserve = 8,2 billion USTC

The USTC could be bought up by exchanges who did misrepresent USTC as a stablecoin and/or additional funds by TFL, Do Kwon, LFG, VC, Jump Trading or other groups.

The amount to pay in USD would not be very much because:
a) The current und future token price is way below 1 USD. If you buy 200 million at 1 cents, they would have to pay only 2 million USD. At 10 cents they would need only to spend 20 million per month to buy 200 million USTC

b) There would be an incredible amount of people fomo in. If 200 million USTC is bought at every month, than only 41 month would be needed at worst case scenario. But because of the fomo effect it would be much more quickly. People would buy USTC, because they know at a certain point it will reach 1 USD.

When USTC reaches finnaly 1 USD those 200 million planned for buyback could be used in case it ever dips below 1 USD again. Those coins bought via buyback must be locked so that they cannot be dumped by the groups who initiate the buyback.

Doing those buybacks would basically make everyone whole who did not sell their UST (USTC).

What about people who sold UST after Depeg or LUNA holders?
Maybe some of those tokens bought via buyback could be airdropped to those holders.
However that should only be done when USTC reached 1 USD and is fully stabilized. Those airdrop to post UST depeg sellers and LUNA holders may even be partially locked e. g. 30% initial, 10% every month. Airdroping USTC has also the big advantage than it is much or stressfree instead of airdropping a non stablecoin.

It is my first post. Just an idea.

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Airdrops are nice, but have nothing to do with the problem of fixing USTC and LUNC.

If the Luna Guard doesn’t have the capital to buy up the remaining supply of LUNC and USTC then they should consider venture capital.

It would be simple for the Luna Guard to buy the entire supply of LUNC and USTC and then just burn 49% of it and then sell 51% of it. By repeating the process the coins could be restored to their original circulating supply and the prices would be restored. It would only take a matter of minutes and Terra would make a profit. So this is an easy fix and a no brainer for Terra to get done.

Basically a group of people would pledge to buy e. g. 200 million USTC per month

→ ok, how to find these stupid people, and why they’re willing to spend a lots of money, in exchange for what?

Basically exchanges (misprepresentation/due dilligence) and TFL, Do Kwon, LFG, VCs themself to avoid costly lawsuits.
There is the fatman Discord server organizing these.
Also people would fomo in, because at a certain point of time all supply would have been bought up reaching the 1 USD per UST. So everything bought under 1 USD per 1 UST is your return.

Anyway. Just a suggestion. I joined Fatmans Discord Server for the legal action. I keeping my USTC just in case i need them as evidence or in case we need them for the LFG compensation plan. LFG has kept quiet about the LFG compensation plan. do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station