Motivation for Do Kwon from Russian Collectors :)

  1. I turned to a lawyer to resolve the issue, since I lost a lot, he answered, in short, that the crypt is a risk that you were warned about. BUT. When creating a fork (the second project from Do Kwon) with distribution, this will be considered subsidiary liability and the money will be withdrawn from all beneficiaries of the managers (decision makers), including funds, including relatives and property purchased during the project.
    It pleased me, but the second option was even better.

  2. The lawyer pointed out that this process is very long and drawn out.

Therefore, he proposed the second option in the form of selling the debt to Russian collectors. They call themselves diplomats and psychologists, they have the status of lawyers, while in 98% of cases they decide the process out of court. They work from a percentage, do not take an advance payment and work exclusively for the result.

Therefore, whoever wants to join, as well as discuss how much we will consider “debt” from, write to [email protected] (because most likely this topic will be demolished).

Stumbled across on a forum. Took a snapshot. Cant read the language and dont believe (i hope not) to be accurate

Use google lens on the camera for translation, it perfectly translates the text from the photo

make sense , i undestand , why CZ want him to stay in boat.
Do is tired . That was nice ride. Good luck folks . I m out.

I have no idea what or how to use google lense. Can you snapshot translation?