My history... hopes and best wishes for everyone

About 2 years ago i attempted to kill myself, my mind was not in myself. and dark thoughts where all over me. it was the day the women that i decided to spend mylife with, and with i have a child decided to leave me and my little one. it was devastating cause she took everything from savings to cards and exploited them etc etc. but in that thoughts and dark days there was one little person that saw me as his everything and that was my daughter (Florencia) since that day… my 24/7 is for her. to give her a better life and support her in everything she wants to do now and in a further future. as days pass by. i lost my job and i used what i had saved to buy supplys to her to my mom and dad. and took a chance on crypto mainly cause Crypto was and still is game changing. Inflation, Corruption from the top politics even the president to the local mayor of a small town everyone is involved mafia, narcos. etc etc. so crypto became my full time job. i meet wonderfull proyects and one of them was luna. as well as wonderfull communitys. for me its was allways been super hard to talk o interact with people cause of the betrayals i have pass. but i still in that time took the strengh and step up cause my little angel needs me. i completly understand everyone and how they fill. but the people behind luna is being active they are working it out. and im sure we are not someone else exit liquidity i think they are gonna bring it back, many of them even Kwon are fathers. and they know how we feel

When this happened i could have exit and be pseudo ok. but i decided to buy the dip(for me dip was 30 dolars 40 or even 20) and when the final atack arrived i decided to hodl. im gonna ride this road cause i believe in everyone involved in it. and i want you to think the same to make an effort cause there is allways someone needing you. and that you could and will make his life better.

Together we will be stronger my holding are and will be there on binance cause i also trust them. but the most important is guys. stand by! keep it up. together we can totally make it out of this!. you are important.