My take on Luna Classic

I once heard that everything in life has a cycle.

Taking a step back and viewing LUNC’s blockchain as a cycle… I’ve noticed it’s been broken since de-peg/ [email protected] more than a year ago.

Inflation, deflation, staking ratio, re-peg, swaps, burns, fees, tax, total supply, and circulating supply… these are all elements of said cycle.

After viewing every element and trying to understand mechanics of said cycle, I’ve come across possible causes that might be the key to a complete cycle (recovery for the broken cycle).

  • off-chain supply ( which is not technically off the chain, just being traded on an exchange )

  • re-peg ( should be done carefully, with consideration of holding the peg )

  • staking ratio ( total supply vs circulating supply )

  • deflation ( talking about LUNC here, not USTC )

  • swaps ( algorithm needs a review )

Regarding “off-chain supply”, I believe we made this worse by “exempting/whitelisting” some CEX’s wallets from tax. This should be thought about and reviewed.

All in all, complete and fix the broken cycle, then you will witness “LUNC’s return to form” probably even better than before ( as a functioning blockchain ).

This is your key to your happy everlasting blockchain.

for reading my writings.