Network Security Proposal: Tombstone AllNodes-Compromised LUNC Validators That Refuse To Remake Their Validators & Validator Wallets

It is unfortunate to see the false accusation of “compromised” being affixed to my validator by three posters, without so much as a private message to clarify with me personally, and with my public profile and validator clearly already stating I am non-custodial. This shows the agenda of the proposer and his supporters. They shoot from the hip to fit their narrative.

I have private messaged two of these posters over 11 hours ago and am still awaiting a reply. Hours later having informed all three of them of the truth not one of the three have deleted their posts with false accusations against me of being “compromised”, with the proposer outright denying to do so. The proposer himself has made numerous accusations against me which I have proven with evidence to be false. You can see that in the v1.0.6 thread where I posted clarifying information due to this thread being locked, and I responded to the lies against me and my validator made by this proposer. This proposer has a pattern of behaviour of lying and making false allegations and when corrected he refuses to admit any wrongdoing.

The character of the proposer based on their prior conduct is a valid consideration in any proposal, and this proposal is clearly an ego-trip by a toxic minority who continue to spread fear, hatred and division against the interests of the LUNC community. I urge people to see through the facade they present which initially seems as if they are protectors of LUNC, when in reality they are the opposite.

I made my validator around 48 hours ago. My validator is non-custodial and Allnodes has never seen my seed phrase. I could not respond earlier until this thread became unlocked. To the rest of the community, look at how these people treat new validators to the LUNC chain who have done nothing wrong. I made a validator two days ago, made it clear I was non-custodial in my description, but because I spoke against them in this thread I was added to their validator hit list without them even asking me beforehand. The proposer was happy to PM me insults but not to clarify about my validator before putting me on his list. Another of his supporters PM’d me to call me the N-word. This is more evidence of the toxic behaviour of the proposer and his faction of supporters against the LUNC community, which we should reject.

In any case if this is put up for a vote I will definitely be voting with my validator JESUSisLORD on this proposal. It will be a clear NO WITH VETO for me. See below for information regarding my validator.


Your affirmation of something doesn’t make it automatically true. People lie. Crypto should be trustless.

Pointless tangent irrelevant to the thread.

Some of us have to work for a living, we can’t be on the internet 24/7.

Accusations are only false if you can prove otherwise. So far, you haven’t.

Your validator node was mentioned in only 1 post. Ergo, you are incorrect.

Pointless tangent irrelevant to the thread.

Pointless tangent irrelevant to the thread. Appeal to motive. Logical fallacy.

You activated it 48h ago. You could’ve made your validator wallet 2 weeks ago!

So you say. We’ve yet to receive any proof of this.

Not our fault, trolls keep mass-flagging the thread and locking it down.

Pointless tangent irrelevant to the thread. Appeal to emotion. Logical fallacy.

No, I’m pretty sure you were added to the list because you’re on AllNodes infra, and we have no idea (or proof) for when you actually made the validator wallet. Kindly submit them via PM and if the dates don’t go back more than a couple days (when AllNodes rolled out their new system) we’ll remove your validator from the list of compromised validators. Otherwise it’ll stay there.

Those insults were most deserved, and you pivoted 180 degrees from a smug SOB to a whiny “victim” after your validator was flagged. So much for your character and charade.

Two people wrote the proposal: Bilbo Baggins and myself. Anyone outside that group acts on their own volition and they aren’t tied to us, nor are we responsible for their actions.

Pointless tangent irrelevant to the thread. Appeal to emotion. Logical fallacy.

Sure, vote whatever you think best, it’s your right as a validator.

But your node is staying on the list until you submit the information I’ve asked.

Shalom! :pray:

@JESUSisLORD some things to consider:

Crypto is a trustless space, so it is always better to back up with facts and evidence then claims. I’m not sure how long you’ve been in the crypto space but #trustmebro type claims like stating your validator is non-custodial while also being hosted with Allnodes, considering the wider context of the situation that is currently playing out in Terra Classic is going to inevitably draw more scrutiny as a result of the timing of your validator launch and your claims around it.

As much as I’d love to be able to do so, I can’t actually be working on the chain and this problem 24/7 and have other real life matters I have to handle like anyone else. Also, we won’t be deleting any posts, because we’re not trying to hide anything unlike the accounts that keep hiding multiple posts in this thread and other threads across Agora. As you already verified with me via DMs (screenshots I’m happy to provide proof of if you like), your validator with Allnodes was indeed made and paid for on February 6th, and pending verification that your validator wallet wasn’t made in a manner that had your seed phrase shared with Allnodes or generated on their servers and sent to you, we’ll simply amend this proposal removing you off the list. Transparency matters here.

If we are to trust (even though also have to verify) Allnodes’ Tendermint Transparency that has been published here: Allnodes - Tendermint-based Blockchains Transparency - then the current voting power that Allnodes’ and it’s customers currently controls on the Terra Classic chain is in the 30-31% range (3x their voting power on their second biggest chain CRO) right now. There’s the possibility that the cumulative voting power on Terra Classic has actually been higher then what they’ve reported on this page because we have no data points or client lists to verify against and they have an incentive to not be open about whether their business practices have already put the chain at real risk before, but for the point of this reply let’s just work with the information we’ve been given.

Based on your replies in this thread and the 1.0.6 thread, you seem to have a belief that just because your validator seed phrase isn’t compromised that it’s completely okay to host your validator on Allnodes. In the case of Terra Classic, that’s actually not true because validators also run Oracle Price Servers and Oracle Feeders to vote and determine the price of every stable coin on the Terra Classic chain.

This means that if a bad actor were to get into Allnodes, instead of them using compromised seed phrases to control the consensus of the entire chain, they could just use their majority consensus on the Oracle Price servers to manipulate the price of USTC or any other Terra stablecoin and dictate it to be whatever they want and drain funds that way instead. Don’t take my word for it, read up on how Oracle votes work here: Oracle — Terra Classic Docs documentation

So all that you’ve really accomplished by making a validator that’s proudly hosted on Allnodes and accumulating your current 0.64% VP is that you’ve shifted the risk vector you’re creating for the chain with your validator away from “Complete and total chain consensus violation culminating in draining of funds the chain” to “Complete and total oracle price consensus violation culminating in draining of funds from the chain”.

Now to be clear, I can’t force you to not use Allnodes nor am I trying to do that (nor is it the explicit goal of this proposal), but I do think you need to be aware that a majority of VP of validators being hosted on Allnodes is still a risk, even if those validators don’t have compromised seed phrases, because Terra Classic runs an Oracle system that could still be manipulated if a bad actor were to get into Allnodes’ servers.

Unfortunately, in your attempt to show your support for the chain and community by making a validator and participating in governance, because you chose to host your validator with Allnodes, you’ve actually just contributed significantly to making the chain more insecure and closer to being at risk of USTC (and other Terra stable coins) price manipulation via Oracle Vote Consensus violations, even with your validator seed phrase being uncompromised.

Now you’re not only attacking Rabbi, but you’re also attacking me indirectly as a co-author of this proposal for trying to secure the chain by positioning me as a toxic minority. Why?

  • I didn’t run a business that compromised validator seed phrases and an entire chain.
  • I didn’t run a compromised validator.
  • I didn’t refuse to remake my validator and validator wallet and try to bury the story.
  • I didn’t downplay the risk to the chain that nobody is able to deny anymore.

If you ask me, those are the toxic behaviours that started this entire mess to begin with.

You taking the discussion elsewhere and clogging up the 1.0.6 thread was not the answer, and I’m sure you know that. You chose to act in your own self interest to try and exonerate your validator at the expense of other members in the community by taking your argument with Rabbi to a thread that had nothing to do with validators and escalating it there. That’s the exact same type of behaviour that other compromised validators who have tried to refuse to remake their validators and validator wallets are doing: acting in their own self interest at the expense of the wider community. Something to reflect on.

You came into this thread guns blazing with this post and haven’t really let up since: Network Security Proposal: Tombstone AllNodes-Compromised LUNC Validators That Refuse To Remake Their Validators & Validator Wallets - #10 by JESUSisLORD

You have also argued with Rabbi across multiple threads, derailing the entire Agora in the process. Your hands aren’t exactly clean either.

I’d rather compromised validators had listened to what they were being told.
I’d rather compromised validators hadn’t refused to remake their validators.
I’d rather compromised validators hadn’t tried to bury the story.
I’d rather this Tombstone proposal had never have had to exist in the first place.
I’d rather this Tombstone proposal never be put up for a vote, because that’ll mean that compromised validators remade their validators and validator wallets.

I’ll say it again. The success metrics for this Tombstone proposal isn’t to get it to pass governance and actually tombstone compromised validators. Instead, the success metrics for this proposal are actually for compromised validators to do the right thing and remake their compromised validators and validator wallets without having to be unbonded and tombstoned. If this proposal never makes it to a vote then that means this proposal will have succeeded in it’s intended goal, which is the preferred outcome.

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its just drama and more drama and more drama. should not people like the fake Rabbi who has done so much damage to this community finally be given the boot off this platform? Go spread your hate on twitter mate. Stop demanding validators “submit information I have asked”

You are simply nobody, you have not authority to ask a thing. And its clear is it not - you are just here to create more drama to make our chain look idiotic. None of your dribble is required. It all is just to serve your ego and whoever you are in bed with. It is seriously time you pull the plug and f off.

But despite your low blows the community will survive your attacks - yet again. We can see you clearly - looser.


Allnodes is a critical part of our community - without them we would not have the luxury of this conversation today stupid as it may be. They continue to do everything they can to contribute to our success and I simply don’t see why they would have to answer to some small time Fudder who has contributed nothing but endless ways to destroy lunc. We love you Rabbi, fake TR frustrated ego looser. But dearest, You got nothing. pack your bags. Your contribution compared to Allnodes contrubution to our success is simply zero. Below zero. in the destruction zone.

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I made my point clear that before you make accusations about someone and their validator you have the obligation to contact them before stating emphatically something you did not know. This is especially true as I stated “non-custodial” in my description. You, false Rabbi, and Mpowski posted I was “compromised” and stated it repeatedly as if it was a point of fact.

When I contacted you to clarify this was misinformation you have both refused to delete your inaccurate posts. Also I have provided the requested information, and here we are with no retraction to your list evident. You both refuse to acknowledge you were wrong in putting that label on my validator before contacting me.

If this was a business setting, this would be a textbook case of defamation. Being crypto and you are both anonymous trolls you probably think those laws don’t apply to you or that nothing could ever happen.

The vote threshold in the link you provided states a 50% vote is required. With Allnodes at around 31% how is this enough to do what you claim? That’s assuming some hacker or employee just waltz away with the keys (if they even can) and decides to attack the entire chain, as if they would do that and think they could get get away with it! You are complaining about nonsense.

Allnodes gave the clients their keys and deleted them on their end. Furthermore that is an extremely remote and unlikely chance. You like to hide behind the argument of “crypto should be trustless”, but it’s your convenient excuse to bash what you don’t like. Your just like the false Rabbi, two peas in a pod. Everything I said about him in all my posts is true, and it looks like much of that applies to you also.

Allnodes running a very successful staking company would have to want to hijack the chain, destroy their business and become criminals. This is ludicrous. Allnodes has proven to be a trusted force for LUNC and has supported the community. They have undertaken methods to improve decentralisation such as raising their VP and more. Allnodes has their servers spread around the world, uses trusted decentralised hosting, and many fail safes well beyond the security and capacity a normal at-home validator would.

Holding customers address keys is not good practice, but Allnodes has changed this and this cannot occur anymore due to their new system. Addressing reasonable improvements to security best practices is one thing, but you and your buddies have gone on a weaponised rampage targeting anyone associated with Allnodes. You have gone well beyond what was reasonable into a vindictive and hate filled campaign to fulfill your agenda. You keep stirring the FUD to keep yourselves relevant.

Exactly what I expected from a friend of the fake Rabbi. Falsely accuse me blatantly then complain when I try to answer back. I posted once in that thread to answer your, false Rabbi and Mposwki’s allegations against me because the other thread had been locked and stayed locked for 16 hours. Of course you would love if I stayed silent.

Then I was continually falsely accused by the false Rabbi so I answered back with proof he was lying. Now you are crying like I committed some great horror against the community by defending myself against your lies. My hands are clean because I’m speaking the truth, and defending myself from false accusations and rebuking two scoundrels.

I was more cordial in my last post because I was addressing the community. Now I am speaking to you, and will continue as I was which is well justified.

You and your buddies have stretched out this entire issue to suit your agenda and give you relevance, power and control. You use FUD to attack members of the community and their validators, who did nothing wrong when they signed up with Allnodes when new validators were enabled. They are not obligated to remake their validators. You are proposing their validators be destroyed in a terrible act of centralised tyranny. You and fake Rabbi think you are cool posting samurai photos of how great you are destroying these valued members of the community. What a disgrace. You and Rabbi deserve and fit all I’ve stated, and more.

People are free to stake with whoever they please. I myself do intend to gain as much voting power as I can, to resist people like you and the fake Rabbi and the continual FUD attacks and terrible proposals against LUNC.

The risks you cry about are acceptable risks. The sky is not falling. You are white knighting the LUNC community, trying to deceive them you are so righteous and concerned about their safety while actually causing division, fear and chaos. Typical demonic behaviour.

As to the false Rabbi who may also be a false Jew. What makes him and you think impersonating a Rabbi or a Jew is acceptable? That is anti-semitism. I have asked him twice directly if he really is a Rabbi or a Jew and he both times refused to answer. Why would a real Rabbi or a real Jew refuse to answer that question? He is a proven blatant liar and false accuser, and as you are partnered with him and defend him then you also approve of his behaviour.

Nevertheless everyone please see below the agenda of Bilbo from his own Twitter account, who is partnered to the false Rabbi. These are both toxic trolls against the LUNC community. I have stated it clearly and I will again, this is their demonic agenda of division and destruction against LUNC:

Matthew 12:25 “But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”

1 Peter 5:8 “…The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

This proposal is tantamount to a witch hunt in the Middle Ages. In addition, you cannot guarantee that the public key of the validator operated by the individual as a bare metal server isn’t compromised. It may be lost or exposed to the outside world due to poor management. Of course, it’s more vulnerable to hacking. But we cannot identify the risk. Invisible risks outweigh visible risks.

So I vote NO the proposal because it goes against the spirit of WEB3 as well as democracy.

However, I think there should be an indicator that can be used as a standard when a community selects a validator.

It should be operated most transparently as a validator representing the community. Therefore, KYC certification should prevent an individual or organization from running multiple validators by name change, while transparently disclosing whether they operate bare metal servers or node service providers.

Based on that information, community can choose whether to delegate to them or not, and it could be a criterion when considering the policies required for the L1 DEV team to adjust the Nakamoto coefficient in the future.

I’m over the white-anting, if it’s not constructive criticism delete the comment, If the crap continues maybe a ban would be more appropriate.

Hey Pascal, I was wondering when you’d pop in. :kissing_heart:

The harder you seethe, the more stubborn I get. In fact, I think I’ll go write another proposal now…

“Loser” has 1 “o”, not 2. Take care, Pascal, don’t pop a blood vessel! :joy:

Nah, some other group or validator would’ve carried the load had they not stepped in.

I don’t know why you’re framing this as an AllNodes issue - it’s mostly not. Sure, the problem rests with their service at a core level, but it’s easily solvable - the compromised validators can simply remake their nodes and validator wallets, and we’re in the clean. That’s it. AllNodes themselves are completely beyond the scope of this proposal.

Again, AllNodes isn’t the subject of this prop - the compromised validators are. Just get them to spin up fresh nodes & wallets, and we’re done here. No muss, no fuss. The fact they refuse to do so shows everyone how little they care for the chain. It’s all profit motive at the end of the day, and no one gives a shit past their bottom line. If this entire crisis showed one thing it’s that all the pro-community bullshit they all love to spam on social media is just hot air, nothing more. When shit hits the fan, no one wants to do what’s right.

That’s your opinion. We disagree. :man_shrugging:


As much could be inferred from the overall situation. All you had to do was provide a receipt from a date showing you indeed made the first payment to AllNodes recently, not 1 or 2 or however many weeks ago. Feel free to blot out the personal information which could identify you (but since you run a YouTube channel I doubt this should be an issue).

First of all, I have not received any proof from you via PM.
Second, the only “clarification” you’ve done so far was claiming your node isn’t compromised.
Again, either provide the payment slip, or we’re back to #TrustMeBro. And no, we don’t trust you.

Read up on Sybil events.

You’re so new to crypto it hurts reading your replies. You have a lot of self-educating to do.


When 1 billion dollars is on the line, even “extremely remote and unlikely” should be treated as a grave threat.

Pointless side-tangent that has nothing to do with the thread or its topic.

Appeal to motive. Logical fallacy.


And we commend them for it!

Sir, you are grossly misinformed. AllNodes is a middleman, they do not run their own data centers - they provide a service that bridges the gap between users and hosting companies like Lido and DigitalOcean. Again, you have a lot of reading to do!

Good. Then the compromised validators can sunset their contaminated nodes, and simply spin up fresh ones on Allnodes if that’s what they prefer. :man_shrugging: I see no issue here, past simple stubbornness, laziness, and greed.

Pointless side-tangent. Appeal to motive. Logical fallacy.

Sir, I would kindly ask you to refrain from anti-semitic insults!

Honestly, you spazzing out and writing these tomes is more harmful to your validator than if you’d just stayed silent. Every time you post you demonstrate your lack of knowledge. You’re so new to crypto it’s obvious from a mile away. My advice would be to self-educate a bit before opening your mouth and making a fool of yourself.

We’re still waiting on that payment slip. You, sir, have proved nothing so far.

You came into the thread and opened up in your very first post. Stop acting like a victim.

Pointless side-tangent, appeal to motive, logical fallacy… This is getting boring.

If the L1 group had any balls they’d have put up this prop. But since they’re too busy pursuing their own political agendas to care for the chain, we’re the ones who have to prosecute these initiatives. And yes, the compromised validators do have an oglibation to remake their tainted nodes and wallets, as the overall ass is worth $1B+ and we all share it (unfortunately). Again, your callowness and lack of knowledge shines through - crypto is replete with examples of communities rising up and excising tainted or risk-prone elements. DO MORE READING AND LESS TALKING!!!

Yet another pointless side-tangent. Appeal to motive. Appeal to emotion. Logical fallacies.

That has nothing to do with this proposal or the thread.

They are not. Spend a few years in crypto and get rugg’d a couple times, you’ll change your tune.

It isn’t, but it could. And that’s reason enough to cauterize these open risk vectors.

I think you meant “gaslight”, but yes, we’re acting as white knights for the community.

Sir if you don’t stop with the antisemitism I will report you to the site admins.

I owe you no explanations about my personal life. Kindly desist or I’ll be forced to report you for harassment.

Pointless side-tangent. More appeals to motive and emotion. Yet another bundle of logical fallacies.

Here’s my advice: you’re new in this space, and you know almost nothing - go read, and educate yourself. Because your replies – as entertaining as they are – demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge about basic realities of the space you’ve found yourself in. You have a validator on LUNC now, and thus have a duty to self-educate to the point that you can make logical and knowledgeable decisions when it comes to governance. And given everything you’ve written so far, I’m sad to say that you’re light-years away from that kind of knowledge.

Or, you know, just continue ranting like a madman… whatever works for you. :man_shrugging: :joy:

It is not.

If a bare metal setup is compromised then it only takes down that particular validator. If AllNodes is compromised, we lose ~30% of the network (possibly even more, to the point an attacker can Sybil the chain). You sir haven no idea what you’re talking about, because if you did you wouldn’t be conflating these 2 very separate issues and cases.

I’m sure attackers will take the “spirit of WEB3 and democracy” into account if they manage to gain access to enough VP needed to Sybil the chain. :man_facepalming:

No. Because that is what goes against the spirit of crypto and anonymity!

The L1 team has nothing to do with the Nakamoto, and they should stay the hell away form influencing either it or govenrance. They’re paid to work on code, not play kingmaker for the chain.

S H A L O M ! :pray:

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This is going to be a yes from me.

This chain needs security and allnodes whether a major player or not presents risk. Right now were in a market where people arent accepting much risk. Additionally, I personally cant stand how full of themselves some of the people are such as classy crypto. They think they can be above reproach from the community and theyre not.

Im not the biggest fan of how rabbi engages with people but this proposal is a no brainer. I know thre are a lot of people who dont understand what a seed phrase can do but allowing a mass grouping of the seeds of validators and their delegators could break this chain beyond repair if that data falls into nefarious hands.

Big NO with a VETO !


The problem with LUNC is that there are too many idiots trying to be smart. The Nakamoto coefficient is an important indicator of the decentralization and security of the chain. What L1 dev should care about most is the security of the chain and your proposal is also a security issue, but you don’t even know what you’re talking about. The reason why all your props are rejected is you are so so bad at problem identification and solutions and your community skill as well. Go this prop to governance and waste your coins for No with veto.


Hiding my replies doesn’t make me any less right. :wink:

Shalom! :pray:


I’ve been in crypto since late 2017 and have been invested in LUNC since 13 May, both of which can be verified.

I know they use trusted third parties which is one of the reasons I chose their plan.

Please tell me how much more secure NovaValidator is than Allnodes? Since you partner with that validator for this proposal that should be easy for you to answer.

It’s not stubborness or laziness or greed to have done nothing wrong in making a validator with Allnodes when the new set opened and refusing to allow their hard work to be destroyed by a bunch of anonymous fudding trolls.

Now you accuse me of anti-semitism which is typical of your false accusations. Let me remind you that you continually quote “trust me bro” and about trustlessness but refuse to admit when asked if you are really a Rabbi or Jew. I only called you a fake after you refused to admit it. This is now the third time you refused to say if to say if you were or not. I would like to know whether you are an impersonator.

This is your profile isn’t it?

Is that a real photo of your face?
This is the title and name you have presented yourself with?

Just like it’s wrong to falsely claim to be a holocaust survivor for example, or to falsely claim to be a war veteran, it’s also wrong to impersonate a Rabbi or a Jew and take the goodwill of the Jewish community by false representation.

You have put forward the image to this community that you are a Rabbi and Jew and purportedly listed your full name. You have also stated that you are “President of Israel’s Septuagenarian Crypto-Enthusiasts Club”. Is any of this true? I have a right to ask this question.

You have supposedly listed your full name and openly present yourself in your profile and twitter to be a Rabbi and Jew but when I ask you the simple question are you really a Rabbi or Jew you claim that’s too personal? How exactly is saying YES OR NO too personal? How is that too personal based on what information you yourself have put out? I didn’t ask you to prove you were a Rabbi or a Jew, I simply asked you if you were one.

I love the Jews and I find it extremely distasteful to see a random internet troll impersonate a Rabbi online. All you had to say when I asked three times if you are a Rabbi or a Jew was one word, “Yes”.

I’m not asking for your drivers licence, yet you are happy to demand information from me about my validator. Hypocrite. Let me clearly state again, anyone falsely representing themselves as Rabbi or a Jew who is not a Rabbi or a Jew is an anti-semite.

Lastly I’ll point out to the community in your profile you are listed as a “Talmudic warlock”. Is this true? Do you practice witchcraft and sorcery? Here’s what God says about that, Deuteronomy 18:10-12 NKJV “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter passes through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the de[_]d. 12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord”.

You might say this is off-topic, but you are the writer of this proposal so your personal conduct and representations to the community should be considered, especially when you lie and make false accusations about others. Remember when you said you knew I mass reported you? Or when you said I was a liar and already broke even in my validator?

I proved with evidence you were wrong but you have no concern about lying and falsely accusing others. I don’t like random nerds on the internet who think its funny to impersonate a Rabbi and a Jew. If you really are a Rabbi or a Jew I would like to hear you say it. But as far as I can see you are an anonymous internet troll impersonating yourself as a Rabbi.

I’m fine with people being anonymous here, but impersonating a Rabbi, supposedly listing your full name yet refusing to say if you really are a Rabbi because that’s about your “personal life” is a huge red flag, and worthy of discussion before the community.

Whether you are a Rabbi or Jew is not about your personal life. It’s a direct claim you continually make to the community by representing yourself as one. You are threatening me with being reported so I stop asking this important question.

As a Christian I believe it’s wrong to lie, and wrong to impersonate others, especially a Rabbi or a Jew. I think the community deserves a basic answer from you about that. If you say “Yes I am a Rabbi and a Jew” I will stop asking about it. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable question.


Then you have the IQ of a goldfish, given you conflate basic concepts and have 0 functional knowledge.

No, you don’t know that. You’re pivoting now. You said they hosted their own infra - they don’t. They use external data centers. So you’re wrong. Factually, indubitably wrong.

How much? About 10,000x. Since Nova’s seeds/wallet/keys were never shared with external parties.

Stop spreading misinformation, I co-wrote this prop with Bilbo, but I’m not partnered with Nova.

No, but it is laziness + stubbornness + greed to refuse to remake their nodes and validator wallets after this new information came to light. You framing the argument otherwise doesn’t change facts, or the truth. You’re incredibly dishonest… pity for you that I can spot your plays from a mile away.

You’re the one who started this shit-flinging contest, and you keep it perpetuating it. Do continue, though, the more you post the more you out yourself as a total newbie. And it’s also quite entertaining for me to shred your arguments to pieces.

Are you serious? Really? Are you honestly comparing my personal life and information – which affects no one but myself – to the fate and security of a $1,000,000,000+ blockchain? Are you really this daft? Really? Is this real life? Am I being trolled?

#TrustMeBro is used in crypto to denote skepticism towards anything that violates the trustless nature of it, it has nothing to do with IRL identities (not most of the time anyway, unless someone’s asking for money and doxxed themselves to prove they won’t elope with it). You’re either a total newb, or you’ve manage to absorb 0 information during all your supposed years in the crypto space!

I have absolutely 0 reason or duty to provide personal information to anyone, let alone someone like yourself who barged into the thread with an axe to grind, and then continues to argue in bad faith. You just keep moving the goalposts after I dismantle literally every single one of your sentences.

That is my profile, yes. And I’m proud of it!

What do you think?

It is.

You mention jews and the Holocaust one more time and I swear to G-d I’ll keep reporting you to the admins here until you get a lifetime ban. Stop moving off-topic and shitting up this thread! If you want to discuss the proposal that’s fine, but you have literally 0 logical arguments against it so you’ve resorted to harassment and empty accusations to deflect from the fact your validator runs on AllNodes services.

You have no rights whatsoever, except the right to voice your opinion on the topic at hand. If you refuse to discuss the subject matter I will report you to the admins. If you want to have a public spat then feel free to tag me on Twitter and I’ll make a mockery of both yourself and whatever attempt you think you can muster. But keep this thread on-topic, or stop replying!

Last warning. Keep on-topic, or face a report.

You don’t love anyone but your profit margin. If you had any fairness in your heart you’d have reached out to myself or Bilbo about what our proposal was attempting to do, before storming in here and derailing the thread with your nonsense. You, sir, are a bad actor, and you do not speak for the LUNC community.

My good sir, I’ve always said that proposals ought to be judged on their own merits, and not according to who wrote or submitted them. I still cling to that belief. You’re free to do otherwise, but crypto itself is a trustless space, and if you judge props based on who wrote them then you’re better off selling your LUNC and going back to IRL concerns. Anonymity and technical knowledge are the lifeblood of the crypto sphere - and you have neither.

Bilbo has shown me the payment slip you’ve submitted, and it states you did indeed sign up with AllNodes only recently. Proof has been provided, and your validator will be taken off the list of compromised nodes. That’s all we ever wanted, nothing more. But you couldn’t help yourself, and you had to turn this into a personal warzone. I don’t mind because I’m honestly having fun toying with you, but you’ve wasted your time for nothing.

It is not. And it has nothing to do with this prop.

The question is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

I could easily corroborate both claims but I choose not to. I owe you nothing. I owe this community nothing. But I choose to volunteer my time and partake in governance by aiding initiatives I believe will help the chain, and by extension every LUNC holder (yourself included). You’re free to do whatever you want, but bullying me into submitting to your demands will be met with escalation. We jews don’t take kindly to harassment, and a false Christian peddling his nonsense here falls squarely within that description.

And try to bring some better arguments next time, you’re grasping at straws by now. :joy:

Shalom my goy! :pray:

UPDATE/ADDENDUM: February 9th, 2023

We have confirmed with JESUSisLORD via DMs that his validator was created with Allnodes after they changed to their new system that doesn’t generate validator wallet seed phrases on their server and send the seed phrase to their customers, so the following addresses are no longer part of the tombstone list and are EXEMPT from this proposal:

Current Voting Power: 0.714%
Validator Operator Address: terravaloper16e0s5t7q69elnlchrupryw3h7vu8zk23pe5wh8
Validator Wallet: terra16e0s5t7q69elnlchrupryw3h7vu8zk23pkcn85
Status: :white_check_mark: Their validator was made with Allnodes without Allnodes having generated the seed phrases on their server and so as far as we can tell with the information we currently have their validator is NOT COMPROMISED and is EXEMPT from this proposal.

As for the other comments that have been made in this thread to date, I’ll respond to those in a further reply at a later time.

Mass-flagging and hiding my posts only proves I’m right! :wink:

Shalom! :pray:

I didn’t want or ask for proof, I just wanted a clear statement. This is as close to a yes to my question I seem to be going to get. This suggests you indeed say you are a Rabbi and a Jew.

However, as someone who says they are a Jew and a Rabbi, you practice sorcery and witchcraft which is abominable to God. You ignored that one. So your still clearly a son of the Devil like I said earlier.

More false accusations I see. I am not a false Christian. I am a born again Bible believing Christian saved by grace through faith in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ my King and my God. I know Jesus Christ in a personal relationship and I obey His word and keep His commandments, He lives inside me and He is my God. He is one with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. I’m not ashamed to speak the truth.

I intend to continue to visit your posts in the future and if your proposal is terrible to tell you all about it. I have said enough to you at this point, my point has been clearly made about your agenda. Again, a definite NO WITH VETO for continued harassment of the community.

I appreciate the update but I again reiterate clarifications should be sought before accusations.

Its prop.for big NO WITH VETO !Only to bring unrest to community !
:pray: :pray:Amen :pray: :pray:


Yeah and I want Megan Fox on my lap. But we don’t always get what we want, now do we?

“You’re”. It’s “you’re”, not your. And that ain’t black magic, just good old primary education!

Oh for the love G-d, will this off-topicking never end? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah alright Cupcake, whatever. :roll_eyes: Take a breather… go touch grass.