New investors Are The Real Supporters! Not The Greedy Early Hodlers

I havent seen worst or more greedy than hodlers who say
I bought at 60$ and lost a lot I am special why would compensate someone bought at 0.5 and lost 99%

It doesnt matter you bought early or last week
Its all about money but different timing!

If you stake then you was doing it mostly for the rewards
You would have sold if u knew such a dump incoming

However the new investors hodled -99% and didnt sell!
They liked the project they decided to wait for the right price

The network owned by anyone owns Luna
Good luck!


So you think because you bought in on the way down hoping to profit from the chains downfall, that you deserve more than the people who were actively using the chain and had money stuck in protocol that couldn’t sell.

Get real pal.

Noones cares about your greed. DYOR before yeeting money into it

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Do you think cuz u didnt sell the 370x in one year
And u was too greedy staking it thinking this easy income u are special and should only get compensated?

Yeah maybe do your own research next time selfish

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the new investors??

ok, let’s call things by their real name for once!

These weren’t investors, but people who were in hoping for a quick win!

So, you think people who bought at, for example $10, a year ago and paid $1,000 for 100Luna, should get the same as you did, paying $10 for 1,000 Luna, since the price was $0.01 because of the attack?

Fair should be to get whatever amount of LunaV2 for a price of ~$60 / coin, which was about the price of Luna before the attack.

you put $60, you get 1 Luna.
not 6,000 Luna.

otherwise you simply destroy all the old money and the protocol will have just whatever went in the last 2-3 days (how much? 10-20M ?)
good luck with that !


I dont get it why u guys think u are special
Investor A decided to buy last year he was lucky made 370x

But the new investor who hodled 99% oh no he was just for quick win

Anyway even as mentioned that early hodlers 40% and new before the halt get 10% its not bad!

Now u know the differencd why they say btc is not a shitcoin ?

Cuz if btc goes to 3$ and you buy no noob will come hey u bought at low price for quick win but I bought at 50k

Grow up guys

You are either a troll or just dumb and self centered. You speculated on a crashing token in a unregulated market.

You want community support and compensation but not part of the community? You just tried to make a buck on the way down and lost.

You didn’t build any of this. You didn’t hold throughout, you just contributed to the crash.

You called yourself special? Wtf dude. People have killed themselves because they have lost everything.

You deserve nothing.

People who shorted were driving down the price, as well as those minting new tokens. Those who were buying during the drop were the only ones trying to fix the problem. Money locked in wallets doesn’t actually do anything. So the OP is right. HODLers were just enjoying their gains and could have sold off some of their gains. They had ample opportunity. When time came to step up and buy, they should have been prepared and actually did something. Instead, you’re complaining. You bought into a flawed system and then it failed. In free markets, you do that then you lose. But now you want to rewrite the rules so you come on top. That’s pretty pathetic.