New plan announce cannot save LUNA, UST and us...only the following can do

Hi Mr Do Kwon,

To be honest, your new plan cannot save us, LUNA and UST.

Now, enemy is using FX strategy to beat you. “Computer” method to respond is useless as like, as if in WWII, US and Britian not strike back and just use their land to compensate the allience. Failure is the result.

For the time being, pls find your team and white knight to consider the following ideas.

  • Cannot save LUNA and UST at the same time…need one by one save.
  1. Stop create new LUNA to limit the total number of coin (same as BTC effect)
    2.) Use all your money, coin (existing or from white knight) to buy LUNA to $50
    3.) at the same time of 2), announce burn 1% of LUNA daily til to $50
    4.) when LUNA turn to $50, use LUNA to buy UST
    5.) when 4 start, announce burn 1% of UST daily til to parity.
    6.) in future, create new UST , burn same value of LUNA, vice versa
    7.) in future, if need to protect price, can restart “burn”

Build the investor confidence is the Key method and unlimited supply will destroy whole !!

Good luck


we don`t need short time solution we need long time solution that actually can bring back user assest.


Correct !! the new plan cannot …only the above method…hope they can consider seriously

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Do Kwon or TFL can’t just burn tokens as they wish. Terra is decentralized.
Do’s proposal makes sense and could work. Yours is not financially possible, I’m sorry.

They have many other crypto asset…and the money from white knight…they can buy in market to process the “burn”…just like CRO do before…