New Proposal, its very short please give it 1 min

Everybody will get reimbursed 100% and I explain how below.

I have read the other proposals but it comes down to either stealing from the larger wallets, or just flat out loosing half or more of the value of the funds we held. It can also be different.

Instead of stealing or loosing money, we should opt to loose time.

  • Reimburse everyone with 100$ of UST holdings as per snapshot from the moment before depeg.
    Block the UST in anchor for a undisclosed time at the start. People should only be allowed to withdrawal their APY’s.

As everything progresses and we are building back value, we can slowly cap max withdrawals per wallet address and give everyone an equal option to get out. Smaller wallets will still benefit as they got less funds to withdraw in case they would want to.

We can change this withdrawal limit based on the health of the protocol.

Newcomers should maybe be excluded as this will incentivise new people to use the protocol as well.

I dont go into more details its too full with ideas here already.