News and price predictions

Heyyy guys! Can someone tell me the news about the burning, about the airdrop and about tomorrow? Some price predictions of LUNA?

Apparently Terra had their assets frozen today, or at least the question has been asked by police in S.Korea.

Don’t bank on an airdrop.
No token value is mentioned anyway, the market will decide that.

Expect a jump in LUNC tokens as I’ve heard staked don’t show until out of term.

It’s all over the place at the moment and probably deliberately opaque.

I’m still looking for the airdrop to be around 1 new token for every 6500-7000(that’s the most sensible way of doing it that I’ve seen) old Luna you hold, given out over two years and the rest we’ll just have to wait for.

As long as the attackers are not identified and remain at large - they remain a huge threat to the Terra Ecosystem as it sends a message that you can rob and steal from the community and they won’t do anything about.

I would need to see Terra and the Community at large take major steps in doxxing the attackers and locking them up to restore confidence in the project and any DeFi project. The attackers identities are known by at least Binance who definitely KYC at their highest Enterprise Level for people who transact in hundreds of millions of dollars daily volume.

According to Binance here is why they KTC:
Why is KYC Mandatory for Most Crypto Exchanges?
Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations are mandatory for major cryptocurrency exchanges because it ensures they comply with regulatory rules and laws.

The goal of KYC is to curb illicit activities and to highlight suspicious behaviour as early as possible. Cryptocurrency exchanges utilize these data to track transaction patterns to ensure safe and compliant transactions.

Without KYC verification, a cryptocurrency exchange may be held liable when a user gets away with committing a crime because they failed to do due diligence. Henceforth, major exchanges prefer to remain anti-money laundering (AML) compliant.

However, KYC and AML, while sometimes related, do not refer to the same thing.

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is going to be also possible to buy these new Luna tokens?

It’ll have to be, yes. It’s worth nothing if people can’t pay what they think it’s worth. It’s price is a whole other discussion. I’ve seen some thinking it’ll be worth $5 in the near future but who knows, trust is earned slowly and they know that. Which is why the airdrop is spread out over two years so nobody can sell up and run.