No airdrop of my assets on Osmosis

We know what is the osmosis Snapshot Height corresponding to terra Snapshot Height: 7790000 (2022–05–26 16:38:08 UTC), I still hold my ust at 16:40, why didn’t I get the airdrop.

Here is my transaction log on osmosis.ou can see i still hold ust at the time of the snapshot

My osmosis address is osmo1z273yh762f47ylvsdtza8gvu3jg6ltp70shszw
The terra address output by my same private key is terra1z273yh762f47ylvsdtza8gvu3jg6ltp7p07qku

Because I use the private key to import the keplr wallet, so I don’t have the path problem of importing the mnemonic into the terra station

Can someone help me. I want to make sure that terra didn’t give me the airdrop, or it was on another address where I airdropped

someone can help me

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I had the same issue, and after some troubleshooting found the airdrop on another address. Do you have Terra Station desktop? I suppose it could also work in the browser extension. I deleted the old address I had in Terra Station, and started to ‘recover’ it again with my Keplr phrase. This time, it gave me the option to choose from two addresses. The new address had the airdrop on it :slight_smile:

But I imported the keplr wallet with the private key, and now I have no mnemonic to use. How should I do

you can try using a different browser, sometimes this shows up with the other wallet address (e.g, using Chrome instead of Brave). If that doesn’t show the other address, get back to us an we can work something out - @alagiz has a bit of a complicated way to make the private key work with terra station.

Yes, I received a thank you, but I got very little. I had 64 thousand terra-colored old ones and I had less than one new color.

That is expected, the ratio is 1 old luna to 0.000015307927 new luna.

Thanks for your answer, I think I need your help. I tried to import the private key into terra station myself, but it still shows the terra address on keplr. how can i contact you further

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