No Amount of Monetary Tricks Will Save LUNA and UST

No amount of monetary tricks will save UST and LUNA. Printing LUNA into the Trillions won’t restore the peg. The system depends on demand and trust and both have been lost (for now).

It’s a shame because Terra was a thriving ecosystem with dozens of amazing dapps that could have been the future of finance and eventually garnered a Trillion dollar market cap. It would be a shame for that to be thrown all away because of miscalculation by the team.

The only way to regain demand and trust: UST needs to be fully collateralized by real, retrievable assets, I don’t see how anything else restores confidence.

I doubt the team has $12 billion in the bank to save UST but if they could get investors to help for a large fraction, they at least have a shot at getting back to being a future 100b to 1T market cap. The infrastructure, the dapps, the developers are already here and it can be revived.

But only with REAL assets.