No Fork Proposal V1

A Luna Recovery Token (LRT) token is airdropped to all luna holders at the time of the depeg, tokens are minted over 1000 blocks and distributed first to wallets up to largest.

A five percent transaction fee is added to every luna transaction, the fee goes to a repayment contract.

The contract pays 40% of fees to holders of LRT $81 (the price of luna at the time of depeg) repayment is prioritized by the block number token was minted in, earliest blocks to smallest holders. Once redeemed those luna plus LRT tokens are burned.

30% of fees go to buyback of UST at 1:1. UST is burned on buy back.

10% goes to a development fund for builders on Luna to be distributed by the community.

20% goes to buy back and burn Luna at lowest market prices until luna is back at 90 million market cap (same as time of depeg)

After above is accomplished, fee is dropped or redistributed as voting community decides.


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There is one and the easiest way to recover. No forks.
Since luna is traded primarily on Binance, an additional 0.1% fee needs to be temporarily applied to buy back and burn luna tokens and ust.
CZ will get turnover, the team and community will get token growth.
Similarly, you can negotiate with other exchanges.


Why do these plans only cover those at time we lost peg there are still people trading as we speak trying to save Luna and UST they are the true heroes not those who pannicked and sold causing the price to almost hit zero. Stop the greed and cover everyone and forget about your snapshot.

This proposal repays ust holders and burns luna. I bought at $40 on the way down too, I feel the pain, buying UST back at $1 burning Luna and creating value is the only solution that includes everyone.

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