No plug... we burn EVERYTHING)

No plug… we burn EVERYTHING)

I have read dozens of threads and thousands of comments from selfish lunatics who paid exorbitant prices for their coins.
I did not see any adequate justification for their position, other than personal desires and ego.

In their words, those who bought back coins during the collapse of the system, saving it, and those who support their investments in difficult times, believing, unlike you, in revival, are they just speculators?
Or maybe you are speculators? You picked your nose while others rescued your sinking ship. Instead of helping, at the same time averaging their positions, as it should always be done in the market.
And now put your interests above the interests of other investors (many of whom were also coin holders before).

Your share of XXX dollars investment in the company = any other share of XXX dollars.
Just like 1 Bitcoin for $62,000 = 1 Bitcoin for $1

Or if you have 10 coins, then you should burn one, and the one who bought cheaper should burn 9 ?))
This is fabulous bullshit.

You want to be burned… o.k. Let’s burn 99% of emissions, without compensation)

Because there is no other adequate mathematically and technically working variant of burning without infringing on someone’s financial rights, in the long term, at least FIVE YEARS does not exist.


There should be a poll. How many users would pledge to burn their coins for the sake of the greater good?