No Vesting on New Luna Main Net

I had 3 wallets with Luna Classic on Terra Station before the Snapshot on May 26th, and only 1 of those wallets is showing vested coins on the new Mainnet.

Is this normal, or did I get jacked?

have you read this? Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic | by Zion Schum | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium

if yes and you still believe you didn’t receive airdrop you should have - you can post your wallet addresses and we’ll check it out.

I had a similar situation occur! @alagiz

Both of these wallets had Luna Classic prior to the Snapshot on May 26th, and there is no Luna V2 on MainNet:



Hey, you missed the snapshot block (7790000) on both these wallets.

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I got in before the deadline. I bridged from BSC to Terra Classic before the 8PM GMT May 26th cutoff.

The snapshot was to be taken at that specific block, not a specific time.

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terra1jxqjlsfdcgk2539q3j0njfdq009as429sm2wn5 shows a transfer in block 7791141, and terra1frlr5cceeyc7c4zajezma9jvcs4uf4xsqed2uy was 7790614 - so both late.

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They told us exactly what blocks would be used for the snapshot. And there was over a week of advanced notice. Blocks go up about every 6 seconds: we could all see 7790000 coming.

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ok. That is kind of lame considering that I bought at the very bottom and added liquidity when the LP on BSC was about $1100 BUSD.

I am assuming that I will miss the Airdop on PancakeSwap/BSC and also on terra.

Also, I was going to start a Validator node. I could not get any proper help with that.