Off Chain Assets Solution

To Centralise or not to Centralise? I’ve been following the Terra Classic revival since May after the crash. The truth is, the revival has been centralised since the Terra Rebels stepped in. However within the Terra Rebels there are problems that are dragging the whole revival down the pan so to speak.

It’s become the Alex vs Vegas show.

So the off chain asset discovery has once again created friction within the community

Centralisation and Decentralisation both pose problems.

So here’s a simple solution for everyone

To progress we must resolve our differences.
For the 9 self elected members.

We know
1: Ed Kim - Community trust level high
2: Tobias Andersen - Community trust level high
3: Alex Forshaw - Community trust level low
4: Coach Bruce - Community trust level intermediate only because of Twitter feeds… No doubt a highly intelligent individual (just needs :cherries::eggplant: comment banning especially if the community will have to pick up legal fees!)
5: PFC - Ian - Respected member of the LUNC community, I staked 27m LUNC at one point in time with him.
6: Setten - Unknown but read his Twitter pitch to the community, seems like a good guy
7: Max B - Highly respected within TR and has made significant positive contributions without any drama
8: Strathcole - Respected member of the community and has made positive contribution to Lunc
9: Jack Zampolin - Respected member of the Cosmos community

So there is absolutely no question about whether these 9 people are capable. They are…

Capability isn’t being questioned here

All 9 of these individuals from what I can see have multiple source of incomes. Time poor… so we need to ask is what are they bringing to the table?

Are we getting Value for Money, or should be look harder for full time non Twitter famous people?

So here’s what we should be asking.

1: How much time commitment are they putting in to the Terra Classic revival
2: Can they give a breakdown of the $5k/month they want to charge the LUNC community (off chain assets are the LUNC community assets)

It’s important for these 9 individuals to be honest with their time commitment

Once they have given a breakdown of the above the LUNC community can then make an informed decision as to whether they are worthy of the $5k/m

The question then is does the funds belong to the Off chain self elected members who have probably been ‘elected’ by Do Kwon to work on the UST(C) repegging solutions as that is where TFL and LFG are stuck in legal battles…

So see this for what it really is - Do Kwon’s attempt to make UST holders whole again with the most cost effective solution. Hiring a team capable of doing this, very biased towards him and his trusted representatives.

It’s not a bad thing… We just need to accept the truth is what it is.

Now the community pool is used for a whole range of things, hence the fear of the $4.16m going into the black hole where Do Kwon won’t be able to control the work being done. It could be used in both Layer 1 and Layer 2 projects and not really do much for his headache…

So now that we understand the motive for the 6 insisting that the money remains off chain.

Let’s strike a compromise

Divide the funds in to 50:50

The self elected 9 manage the 50% funds to bring L1 up to Luna 2.0 blockchain standards and repeg UST(C), become independent of TFL

50% goes in to the community pool for everyone else to access. Which means selling the off chain assets for LUNC.

No here’s what I would suggest - distribute the 50% portion from the community pool once LUNC price gets to x2 of current price so it becomes the equivalent of $4.16m. So ring fence the LUNC purchased using these funds.

The $60k/year salaries need reviewing - if the 9 self elected members would accept $2.5k/m and agree to burn the $2.5k/m then it might appease the community.

However if they can justify their fees and hold an AMA to pitch to us what value they bring then I’ll accept the $5k per month but this will be $2.5k/m + $2.5k/m performance related bonus from hitting KPIs which the community will set.

I believe we need to move forward rather than watch Alex and Vegas fighting. It gets boring after awhile and the community lose out.

I can’t make 2 grown men see that their ways are wrong.

But I can make this proposal where both parties win. (I don’t mean Alex’s corner or Vegas’s corner)

After all life is about compromising and creating Win Win Wins…

Let’s go and make LUNC fly again!

This writing identifies a plan to toss money at a plan to make plans… :face_with_spiral_eyes: