Open letter to the community and those voting

In the near future there will be two terra projects, with a strong shared codebase, shared history, shared community, shared stakeholders, near unlimited potential interoperability, and multiple available avenues of novel innovation.

Although the circumstances are not ideal, there are a wealth of positives to this and reduced risk from having two paths forward. Additionally, the community has grown considerably, and part of that growth has brought in industry specialists, new developers, and new ideas.

When a fork happens, each person who holds one of the composite currencies becomes a stakeholder in both projects, and I for one am learning to be pleased with this situation, though it has come at a great cost to arrive here.

However, it is clear to me that the only thing terra perhaps cannot withstand - and which will cause further damage to the broader ecosystem - is additional delay and uncertainty. There has been too much stress in every respect to all parties, and certainly if this situation drags on, with no fork, past the 25th-May, misery, stress, and loss of life will occur. The damage will likely be irreversible.

No solutions are optimal, no solutions cover each case, doing nothing is not an option. Proposals should not be amended whilst being voted on, I fully understand switching votes to protest, but blocking quorum will only lead to further confusion and delay, and can only cause critical further damage.

Personally, I have been involved as a developer with several of the major currencies, since bitcoin’s inception, and terra is one of the few projects which has actual innovation and a strong platform, it has real intrinsic value which any currencies or tokens can reflect with time, on all forks.

Each of us is free to bias towards one fork or another, to both, to none. To all those who can, please embrace the situation and move forwards, and do it not only for yourselves, but for all of those who cannot.


Speaking only for myself here I think:

Whatevvvverrrrrr. Year plus LUNA staker loved the project and think a new chain and all is a really bad idea towards the project’s aims of mass adoption, inclusiveness, financial freedom (token locks on a new chain of tokens I do not want and disagree with the proposal on the first place - I do NOT CONSENT, do you care?) so DeFi my @$$, and I think simply dilutes and devalues my investments and contributions more. I see this as a run away sc*m and power grab by whoever/whatever party runs these forums and terra blockchain code (is that TFL? TFL even exist anymore?).
Community should simply use the source code, keep current state of chain intact, make new forums, and utterly cut out this weird crap.

The simple truth is, anybody who is holding when a fork occurs has a vested interest in all forks succeeding.

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