Override on-chain governance for emergency proposals once supermajority of Yes is reached

The UST peg continues to struggle, while LUNA keeps getting diluted to infinity as this happens. This poses a threat to security at this point, as an adversarial attack could be carried by acquiring the rapidly inflating LUNA circulating supply.

Currently, a couple of on-chain proposals are endorsed by TFL and Do Kwon

But they both require 7 days to pass, which might be too long.

I propose that once (and IF) a supermajority of YES votes is reached on both, they are both implemented IMMEDIATELY with an emergency chain fork.

This will require a great deal of coordination among validators especially, but at this point we need to try to act as quickly as possible to prevent capitulation.

I am hoping someone picks this up and possibly puts this proposal on-chain (I can’t). I don’t know if this is truly the way to go, but I believe some sort of drastic measure at this point is required, and I am counting on the LUNAtics still left to unite in saving this amazing project.


In hindshight, this would have been the best course of action. You had to do an emergency hard fork twice anyway.
Would have saved a lot of pain.