Overrun by speculators

This is becoming really sad.

People who invested their money, time, everything into the ecosystem has lost everything and all I see is this forum filled up with idiots who are demanding compensation because they yeeted 20 bucks in after luna have already crashed. Same who people who think there is only -2% to lose when something is done -98%

The forum also seems to be filled with either bots or moonboys begging “wen pump”?

Saying that the 500000000 Luna they bought for 10 bucks is worth the same as someone who bonded Luna as we started to depeg to help the chain.

That “new investors” who “believe” in the coin but need that refund on the 20 bucks they have lost and need to pay back to their mum. People lost their homes, their futures, someone people took their own lives. This is just sickening.

This is becoming absurd and if Luna is just going to be the next SHIB then this is the end.

If you don’t understand the product you shouldn’t be buying rn. All these people are grasping and it’s really sad to see.

Now I have just heard someone in Singapore has filled a police report stating they have been scammed. “Occupation - unemployed” …

God, do these people even understand that crypto is not regulated? Saw loads of stupid Americans talking about getting their “attorneys” on the case and sue do kwon and how they were going to get senator warren to track down do kwon.

These people are scary stupid.
It shows how early we really are but also how long we have to wait for people to get a clue.


This forum is quickly getting out of hand, yesterday it seems like there was productive discussion but over the past few hours so much of it has seemed to devolve into just noise

This place needs organization and leadership


The only option is burn, no new coin, etc.
So go and follow what binance and coinbase are doing to save the coin.
It will take months to regain 1usd , but thats the ONLY option available, all the other options are likely scam


But it never had any. Isn’t it decentralized? The situation is difficult, hard, but time will only heal things.

The reason for this is simple:
BAD Communication , or near to ZERO communication.
No clarity.
No goals, no plans.
Nothing… It’s just ‘we halt the chain, we restarted the chain, we halt the chain, we started the chain’. That’s it. Nothing else. Oh and yea, i forgot: “We sorry to hear so many people are affected by this tragedy”.

Thats it. ZERO confidence, Zero leadership. Zero action.
And then, when that happens, speculators come in. See them as the flies who dissolve the waste that is left over from a cows meal…

Seriously, it is like this: Luna is almost a rotting corpse right now, and the flies start to come in.
What needs to happen is damn ACTION! Do something. Pick a plan and go on.


For some people that 10 bucks are as valuable as millions for other … And if you look carefully you will see that becouse of this milions of people that buy 10 bucks the Luna trading is still vibrant … So I recommend you to sitt on your hand and remember what you see in others reflect what you really are. Don’t think you are more valuable than others .


Why are the coins bought at a price worthwhile and the others not? I have lost a lot with other currencies and I am not crying


And why don’t you all buy the LUNA token? $10 is a lot for others. Because of millions of dollars that are decising $10 because of stupidity and ego.

Thnx to speculators price is going up…
I have lunas that I bought at 89 ust , and what im doing now instead of crying ?
Im burning


Uhh who’s stopping you to buy and average down?

what do you mean overrun by speculators. we find it a good investment and bought it. just cause we bought it cheap doesn’t mean we ain’t the same as any other investors. sheesh weird take… candles go up candles go down

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New coin means end of Terra and its managers imprisoned, because even thought somebody bought something for 10 bucks and now its 1000 bucks, its these managers who would literally steal it from them


@Pleb_Three CZ’s bots. Ignore. If fork, they can fire up some validators and have their ghost chain.
Chain was halted to prevent delegation, thank heavens such irrational noise cannot vote if it goes to vote. :grinning: Ppl have been securing the network for months, years and now these gamblers would like to think they can dilute them.

Ya hate on CZ, who is arguably one of the most influential and accomplished folks in crypto and is actually engaging with the community to try and help


I know. I knew nothing about Luna until it hit 30$. I bought and researched the token, cuz I’ve been looking for a place to develop my ideas. So my speculative trading brought me here, and while I lost my initial crypto funds, i invested all of my fun money to keep buying. Even this morning i bought more. It may go to zero, but I’m giving this place a chance.
But sure don’t like the hate I get for being a newcomer.

You bought Luna at 30 bucks after it crashed because the coin is minting itself billions of time. What do you “investors” don’t understand. It’s over. The devs have left and no one is going to build on the version of the chain anymore

Obviously you haven’t researched the coin as you would know what a D spiral is and wouldn’t be buying more rn.

Just dumb and greedy and think you playing the market when you are just being played

They obviously don’t research mate and are looking at a quick ticket [fallacy] to former glory. It’s amusing how much copy+pasta there is from this clown CZ without any due diligence. They probably don’t even realise they cannot stake and hence vote (good) which is exactly why it was halted to prevent hijacks like this. Now they’re literally begging for such gov attack, rather on the forums by falsifying it and claiming they were “defending the peg”, “i believed” etc. Despicable.

Anyone looking up to CZ, should give their keys to their wallet and stay on the CEX or go to BSC. His comments smells like STEEMIT. Maybe they should research that.

Once the MC of UST far outweighed Luna, there was zero chance. The algo’s virtual AMM market module, didn’t work. “Buying the dip” at such point was simply gambling or poor research.

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haven’t “invest in crypto an amount you can lose it all” been the consistent advise given?

such things happen in the stock markets annually. unfortunately, seems like many people were over-invested or mentally shocked by the sudden downfall (they might have bought cheap and could afford to lose it all).