Pay per delivery

I am proposing to change way of paying for developers !We should pay after successful implementing of certain necessary develops and not as now we do blind belive work will be done !
Proposal 11433


I know of no contracting firm on earth that will agree to such terms.
All that I know of expect at least regular installments as the project progresses.

And even more so for most of the developers working on the LUNC blockchain.
Few I could imagine have reserves of cash available to fund their day to day expenses through to the end of the project.
All in all your proposal if it was approved would almost certainly put a halt to all development on the blockchain.

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Agree with you, we should pay devs per delivery success tasks and pays in LunC not in $USD


I have to agree with @P00595 's comment that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get blockchain developers / contractors to agree to this (especially without an intermediary where they know they would actually get paid after the work). Particularly given the way certain members of Terra v1 have attacked those who have asked for spending proposals to complete needed work (many times for reasons that should have come forward in discussion, or did come forward in proposal discussion, but to keep attacking after governance as a whole has agreed to pay). What we need is others who will push back against unfair accusations or depictions (where they are unfair), with kindness, but with factual truth, and being able to separate things that have merit, and being honest and fair, with those things that are good lessons for the next time around, or situations that in truth should be addressed / need to be addressed - rather than letting some others, who are vocal, unfairly paint certain situations.

Just a thought for what it is worth.

So you are expecting a developer to put in months of work and then once they have delivered hope that the community hasn’t changed its fickle mind again and decides to not pay them for fairly done work? No developer in their right mind would take those terms. It is either progress payments or the payment needs to be put in escrow and the values need to be tied to USD.

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How about devs, got money for job and delivery nothing just as they did last couple of months !You have any intelligent answer ?

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Actually they did deliver, the only thing they couldn’t was v2.0.0 which required a larger validator test set, this release was pegged for 3rd or 4th week of April in Q2. So do you have an intelligent answer, or you going to let people school you in how to do your own research…

Take a look at Station wallet ( not job of them ? ) Good that Rebels station is working perfect !

Not all of them working/coding on tasks that needed by Terra C chain plus v2.0.0 which is most important task Some of the L1 team deliberately delay it !!!

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plz check out TerraCVita team works for an example, they delivered the work first.
any new devs team can get paid by milestone work and get pay in LunC if they believe in the project and they’re capable team/devs.