People have a loss of 40 billion dollars!

The developer may complain that he will issue a new coin. Why doesn’t he want to spend money. Moving to a new network is a dictatorship when people all want burns. The first thing I do tomorrow will be to apply to an international court.


Good luck )
Only very, very stupid hamsters (who are the vast majority) would want to be incinerated in the current situation. They do not know mathematics at the level of the first grade of school. And they didn’t even hear about the market, psychology and technology.
Like all speculators who did not average their positions on the fall, not believing in the project, and not supporting it. While others took risks and saved their ship.

When the crowd asks to build a house out of shit, the builder will not listen to them.
I hope paying court fees will teach you how to use your head.
Although such as a rule can only wag their tongues.

Lot of have people suicides and familiies are in shitty position rn with high debt to pay to the banks or mafia orgs.