I might be poor, not size and retarded, but let me try to find any benefit in the proposal for at least anybody.

Basically, it creates a shitchain nobody’s going to touch for a decade. Not listed, not invested, always hated, etc.

UST holders to the end get smth, Luna stakers on depeg get smth, devs who stay get smth - in a shitchain. I get airdrops for such daily, didn’t have to own anything.

Is there anybody who the fork, btw, illegal, helps? Does it preserve anything / anybody? No. 2-3 months and all protocols will migrate / devs go.

UST holders fucked (still no clarity on smallholders). Luna holders superfucked (I bought at 48 trying to support falling chain, get nothing).

What the hell in going on? Anybody understands?

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