Perfect construction map of Terra ecosystem

Using the existing assets of LFG to perfectly revive the terra ecosystem

Terra is currently facing the following three main problems

  1. The price of ust is lower than US $1. In fact, it is only US $0.08

  2. Luna has a large number of over issuance and the price is low, 6533110965205, only US $0.00018

  3. The whole ecosystem is paralyzed and cannot operate normally


  1. The first step is to issue 10b mus tokens for the destruction of ust in the future to increase the price

of ust and make the final price of ust reach US $1

10 billion mus tokens are fully transferred to the ANC reserve for future destruction UST

  1. Luna combustion no longer obtains UST, but obtains a new token USM,

  2. LFG deposited 1 billion ust into the reserve of ANC, sold BNB, BTC and avax, raised US $3000W, and purchased US $3000W Luna in the secondary market for combustion to obtain 3000W USM.

  3. Deposit 3000W USM into the ANC deposit pool with an annual interest of 20% ust + 200% mus

  4. Pledge the remaining avax BNB BTC in the loan pool, with a pledge ratio of 70%, lend 3000W USM and pay interest of 5% per year, so that the ANC agreement can be completed
    Luna holder burns Luna to generate USM,

Deposit USM into ANC protocol

Get 1ust every day and 5mus at the same time

If you don’t have UST, you can only buy 4ust in the secondary market, which costs $0.40

5ust + 5mus = 5usm, USM generates Luna equivalent to 1usd

The more USM produced, the faster the number of Luna decreased

More USMs will be deposited and more mus will be produced

The demand for UST will also increase. Finally, the price of ust will rise and the quantity will decrease

When the price of ust is close to $1, the value of mus is zero, and the amount of USM deposited will be reduced

The whole ecosystem has entered a perfect cycle
1.The red line is the layout before the project is opened
2.The blue line is the LFG capital layout route
3.The black line is the daily operation of the whole project

Finally, if the plan is approved, I hope you can give me some Luna to participate in the USM plan