Hi all,

I’m new to crypto, just like many others in my country who ONLY use crypto as a mean of investment on exchanges.
I transferred all my LUNC on Binance to Terra Station in hopes of getting airdropped, when I just read we’ve got to manually add a new ‘network’ named phoenix-1 by Do.
And this other guy tweeted the steps to add the new network, which I followed.
My terra station says Terra2 on top now. Was this a necessary step to be taken for an airdrop?
Or can I just leave it on my main net?



I may be wrong, but if I were you I would create another Terra wallet and move my LUNC there (if still available) - it really looks like a…


Hey there,

I was a bit skeptical in the beginning too but the phoenix 1 tweet was originally from Do himself.

Check out his twitter if youd like

I launched a search on his twitter account and the word “Phoenix” never occurs.
I wonder if you are checking the real account (@stablekwon)?

Is phoenix-1 Network legit? So far I found the followinf ref. on twitter:

anyone knows when is going live the new chain?

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correct. I read around 6AM UTC?

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But I did read another post on ‘General’ that all thats unnecessary too. Hope we just all get airdropped no matter where.
Good luck to you all

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I think I’ve been airdropped as some LUNA showed up in my wallet on Terra Classic mainnet. The amount of LUNA received are pretty accurate with my prediction. Can anybody confirm they got airdropped as well?

Through which exchange

Nope… I have mine on terra station but still haven’t received any.

Please guide me the steps to connect my terra station wallet to Phoenix 1?

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