Plan to save Luna

  1. stop issuing Luna and Ust
  2. wallets (users) who bought moons after 05/08/2022 (I am one of them) force their Luna also and wrapped Luna to be used for validation and prevent them from withdrawing them for 2 years (but leave the income from validation to them) with gradual unlocking for 5 years 1.67% per month for example
  3. With each transaction, a part of Luna and Ust is burned, and sent to the validators as a commission
  4. wallets to limit the volume of the transaction (let’s say 10000 ust in 1 minute, 100000 ust in 10 minutes) this should not overload the network, who wants to make a transaction more volume more commission. This is a process to do until it fits for a certain volume. then stop burning and leave only the commission
  5. wallets that validated coins before 05/08/2022 are also forced to use for validation in the amount of 70% of the coins, the rest are used for trading. Same solution for wrapped Luna
  6. in order to equalize the parity of Ust to Usd, partially burn the redeemed tokens
  7. on centralized exchanges, limit the number of coins per exchange
  8. And the most important security should be not only in the coins of the project Ust, Luna, but also the giants usdt, usdc, busd, btc, eth and possibly fiat)

These are my ideas, maybe they will push for the right decision to restore, I believe in you and look forward to returning).

My long term plan.

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