Plans to revive LUNA coin Value and eventually the entire system Back

Plans to revive LUNA coin Value and eventually the entire system Back:

  1. Exchanges: Get LUNA relisted on various exchanges, from where it got delisted in last 2 days.
  2., revive relations with them. Many Americans are unable to buy Luna on Binance as its blocked from their locations, Resolve this
  3. If possible charge a very minimal price of 0.05%(gas) on any new transactions and burn it. This transactional burn should be very nominal so that it won’t discourage trades. Within a few days, we can see a substantial decrease in luna coins in circulation.
  4. Announce a 10 Million US$ investment plan. Every week you will buy 1 million Luna from open markets and burn them for the next 10 weeks. At the end of 10 weeks you will work and come back on revenue-generating mechanisms.
  5. Develop official NFTs, and use the money generated from these NFTs to burn further Luna over a period of time.
  6. Co-ordinate with “El Salvador”. Make them invest at least 1million dollars in LUNA. This will give us enough positive publicity.
  7. Invlove the community. Get Lunatics to spread the good word. Conduct tweeting contests.
  8. Announce NFT giveaways for those who will hold a certain number of LUNA for a certain period. 10,000 LUNA for 1 year you will get a badge NFT, 2 months a level 2 NFT, 1 year and so a different level NFT. This will reduce the circulation of LUNA and will encourage people to hold for the long term.
  9. Try and get Tech Celebs line Elon, Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Downey Jr… etc to invest now at this low valuation of LUNA with a lockin period. At least 1 person.
  10. Announce competitions for the General public. Prizes can be Luna and NFTS, this will build a bigger community for LUNA.

The Fall happened drastically. But to climb back, it will take time. Give that time and build it back. You dont have to plan for immediate turn around. Annouce a long term turn around.


This will only benefit people who buy the 0.00001 price as people who buy up from 1-5 and 10 are dead

Small steps in the right direction will revive the entire terra eco system. If you are expecting a turnaround in 1 or 2 days, its not possible. Right steps in the right direction, give it 1 year time, i am sure those invested @ $5 or $10 or $50, will recover eventually. If you are expecting a magic, like snap of thanos and everything gets back, is not going to happen. We should give it at least a years time now.


Great ideas here.