Please provide airdrop up to 500K aUST for the Pre-attack

The small holder’s remedy proposal was for 1:1 claim with USDC & USDT

but If you just do airdrop for users who less than 500K aUST at the time of pre-attack is not a intention of original proposal.

If holders who had over 500K aUST at the pre-attack, We cannot get any compensation.

It’s not a fair.

Please do airdrop up to 500K aUST…

it is capped, not exclusive, meaning 550k ust in anchor will be treated as 500k


How about this? They published medium article like this

Less than 500k aUST

perhaps not very clear wording, but in the table there you can see it is capped at 500k.
and i can tell you for a fact, it is a cap, not an exclusion.

the exact line of code, so nobody can argue the case

            # apply 500K whale cap
            # no whale cap for exchanges
            amount = min(int(coin['amount']), 500_000_000_000)

can you explain about the code?

Is it for wallet under 500K or up to 500k?

min() takes the smallest value inside of (), so it takes ‘amount’ if ‘amount’ is less than 500k or 500k if ‘amount’ is more than 500k

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So u are sure wallets with over 500k will get something? I had just over 500k. But I’m no whale. My life savings was on anchor.

Yes, You will get ~12k new Luna, but at launch you’ll receive only 30% of that.

Ok. So around 4K new luna. But nobody knows what price right?


How do you estimate how much Luna?

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