Please stop further proposals till voting is done on proposal 11126


With a full respect I do encourage everyone to stop further proposals until we get the outcome for the voting on recent proposal 11126.

This is going to be a milestone for the Lunc Community regardless of the outcome and I believe people should have time to concentrate on some important decisions.

Not trying to abuse anyone but we can’t keep discussing the same topics of “burning rate ±1 %” or “how community pool has to be divided” while there is no core team developers on board. It just does not make sense as burning does not create any value itself.

I’m an average investor and I would like to hear from someone with clear vision for the future of network; someone respected by many in community; someone who has enough knowledge (theoretical / practical), mathematical / business.

Currently I see most of proposals coming out as the mirror of personal feelings / personal greed only with no factical scientific base. IMHO we need someone with knowledge and authority to lead … and not the crowd with endless random guessing …

Once again, with all respect, I do encourage you to stop this chaos of proposals for now.


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I am not in favor of any leadership, council, president or anything else that gives one or more people power over all others.

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Not trying to affect your vote… but history is made by individuals… Any product is made by individuals or group of individuals…

So at the end of the day I’m not investing in community (while it can be the best), but actually in the team of people who I believe can move Lunc forward.

At its core, this is a good proposal. Without clear leadership, or better yet, direction chaos just ensues.

I would agree with having a group or groups of developers, people who create applications or ideas that the community will then decide whether to implement by voting. With the exception of code necessary to maintain the security and stability of the ecosystem.
The blockchain was not created so that governments, entities or people have control over it

I would create different layers that would separate those who develop the heart of the blockchain, those who offer their knowledge to implement things or ideas that will later be voted on by the community, then there are those who create applications

I suggest that the main idea of the proposal actually is to choose the person who could choose and concentrate talented and perspective people around him.

It has to be the starting point somewhere. So other “layers” can appear later. It does not mean someone is making all future decisions related to development on his own. It only means we have the core person to think of possible solutions to make something better than it is now. And the ability to implement those solutions considering they are accepted by community.

Please tell us in detail what ideas Edward Kim proposed?
I have heard this name but I have no information how good it is.

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He is one of L1 Devs for Lunc. Proposal 11126 is not about the ideas he proposed but about granting him leader rights based on the job he has already done and based on the respect and trust he has earned within the community.

The main idea is to stop ongoing FUD around Lunc, chaos of endless senseless proposals and to get the core team of Devs on board who would be leaded by Ed.